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MDJ Creations: The Holographic Multi Chromes

Wanna justify spending your husband’s entire paycheck on nail polish? Pick something that he did, like, oh … let’s just say he accidentally shaved off his beard that he’d been growing since your honeymoon. 1,154 more words

Nail Polish

Green in the Negative

I usually do a sheer polish on my nails when I’m doing a negative mani, but this time I really went for the complete negative look.  244 more words


Empties 2016 Summary

Hi there! I was thinking about doing a post about all the products I finished in 2016, but then I decided against it. However, my buddy… 410 more words


Weekly Recap 9 - 15 Jan 2017

Hi there! And Happy Sunday! How was everyone’s week? I hope you guys are doing well! I had a busy week (what else is new…) and I’m glad I managed to finish my weekly recap post. 212 more words


Night Owl Lacquer: Winter Blues Trio

I was gonna start this blog by talking about the Winter Apocalypse that never came, but I’m afraid I might jinx myself. Technically, the storm system isn’t really out of the area yet, and I have a weekend road trip happening in the morning that cannot be ruined. 1,250 more words

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Frenzy Polish: Warcraft - A Final Collection of Prototypes

Winter Apocalypse, you can just go sit back down. You can take your ice blanket and your freezing rain and your treacherous drives to (well, Starbucks, probably) and go sit the eff down. 605 more words

Nail Polish

How to remove pen ink stain from shellac/gel nails!

Ever come home with a fresh manicure of shellac/gel/acrylic nails? And then hours later accidentally rub some sort of pen ink/other stain on the nails? Fear no more as I have the cure for this pain! 95 more words