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Making my nails last by Tombradygirl

When I do my nails they don’t last even 24 hours. I do wash my hands a lot at work but sometimes it doesn’t even last till I get to work. 76 more words

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21[M4F] Maryland/Anywhere - So I'm at a disadvantage: if I don't get to you first, I'll probably never make it past the sea of messages. Here is where you have an advantage- no one will message me. I'll see everything. by Ebonsong

I mean, it’s true. The most messages I’ve ever received is… One. And I missed them because I gave up on actually checking. Oops. Unfortunately, l’ll never get to chat with that person again. 431 more words

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I play guitar every day. by WintergreenGrin

As a result, I never do ANYTHING with my nails except for keep them trimmed nicely. Painting them just means having to redo it the next time I practice guitar (even with short nails, scraping the paint on both my fretting hand and plucking/picking hand is inevitable).I have tried expensive salon gel polishes and, while more robust, those get decimated pretty quickly too. 81 more words

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What color should I choose in this instance? by CapricornArticleStop

Well here’s the story. I am in high school, and at home I do a lot of work with tools and stuff. I had previously broken my nail, and it is just now starting to look normal(and it takes a really long time). 196 more words

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Summer Musts!

Pretty Nails!

Summer Lovin’ havin’ a blast! A new collection dropped about a week ago at my Beauty Brands location (can you guess what it is?) GREASE! 286 more words

Beauty Brands

What I....Saw

We each experience things that change us.

Moments that teach us. Force growth. Alter our beings and we are forever different than the previous moment. 390 more words