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Hard gel/builder gel nails? by alohakush

Hi fellow taco-people! I am looking for a nail salon in the greater Tacoma area (I’m willing to go to Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup, Fife, etc) that does the hard gel/builder gel manicures. 56 more words

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Still Technically Wednesday Free Talk Thread by IveMadeAHugeMistake

Use this thread to discuss things that are not necessarily Asheville specific or don’t warrant a whole thread, but you would like to talk about. For instance, “How about that Panthers game yesterday?”, or “Seriously, the construction on I-26 near the mall is the worst, amirite?”, or “How about that new brewery/restaurant/vegan dog food bakery and nail salon?”. 9 more words

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Did you have pre-discussed expectations for your ideal proposal, or was it a complete surprise to you on how your partner popped the question? by sonny513

Hello everyone! I’m not engaged, but I recently found this sub and I’m obsessed. I love seeing everyone’s beautiful rings, dresses, engagement pictures etc. I’m curious to know about your proposal experiences!It seems that most of you guys have had an inkling that the proposal was coming soon. 279 more words

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Nail fungus? by melissuhnicole

30/Female 115 lbs No smoking, few glasses of red wine a week No major health issues Birth control pill (Enskyce) daily Just noticed spot at the nail salon…last pedicure a month ago so I do not believe it’s been there longer than a month.I went to get a pedicure today and upon taking the nail polish off of my big toe the technician noticed this spot. 84 more words

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Causes of Brittle Nails

Your hands actually reveal a lot about your health, especially when it comes to your nails. Just like your skin, your nails can start to lose moisture, causing them to look brittle, weak, and dry. 241 more words

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My eyes are opening so wide. Does this sound familiar to anyone? by starbrightstarlite

Standing back and looking at what I have taken and put up with for three years now that I’ve gone NC is blowing my mind. It’s hard to see what’s happening when you’re in it. 990 more words

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