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KRA iTAX ケニアでの確定申告 6月まで

Assalam alykum from Kenya.

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。

It’s in June in Kenya, Tax apply for PIN Number holders.


I’ve heard that every KRA PIN number holders must to apply Tax return/nil return. 87 more words


Kenya Travel Vlog

Last December 2017, we decided to travel to Kenya from Uganda by bus. I took some videos and compiled them to a vlog.

Check out my Kenya Travel Vlog here. Thank you!



The event started at around 9 am in the morning. We all gathered at KMTC old administration for a briefing before the exercise begun. The ladies and gentlemen at the KMTC were well dressed in blue dresses and navy-blue sweaters, and white shirts, maroon ties and black trousers respectively. 78 more words


Cost of living in Nairobi

Cost of living in Nairobi can be very cheap or extremely expensive. Cheapest houses goes from 15 euros to millions. But it’s good to remember that even if you think it’s cheap for you it can actually be expensive for those who can’t afford anything else than a home in slums and ghettos. 40 more words

I still have 5days remind fasting after Ramadan.ラマダン月過ぎても、まだ5日間の断食が残ってます。

Assalam alykum from Kenya.

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。

EID day, no one can not fasting.

But after it, I still have 5days remind fasting…..especially women they have. 10 more words


Nairobi Celebrates the International Day of Yoga

Good morning! If you are in Nairobi and haven’t made plans for this Sunday, here’s a suggestion. Today there are special yoga events in the city. 804 more words


^Apply For The Google Impact Challenge 2018


The Google Impact Challenge Kenya supports nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities.

Organizations apply with their most innovative proposals. 28 more words