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A Memoir of Naiveté

The look on her face devastates me.

Sadness, remorse, naiveté.

Oh, the visible pain in one look of her chestnut eyes.

A reoccurring course of events. 62 more words



She mounts the distant stage
Her visage blurred
By the haze of this heat wave.
No matter, when banners abound
Proclaiming her benevolent leadership
She waxes emotional… 163 more words


Think Like a Child, Act Like an Adult

We call children cute, naive, and innocent when it comes to the world we bring them in.  But compared to most adults who let their… 53 more words

Dream Job

Sharon Lebell on the Value of Naiveté

“The wisest among us appreciate the natural limits of our knowledge and have the mettle to preserve their naiveté. They understand how little all of us really know about anything. 117 more words

Quotes I Like


Alas, your sweet hope seemed to have turned to gall,
But love my boy can’t always conquer all.
– Moliere

Moliere, ., & L.A. Theatre Works. 9 more words


The 2nd Naiveté & White Privilege II

Last week I promised some answers to some big questions…. You know, resolving the tension between modernism and postmodernism.

To be clear, I can’t actually do that… Sorry if you believed in my capacity to that extent. 2,198 more words


The Gullibility of our People

A lady I know recently invested money in a ‘Pyramid’/‘Ponzi Scheme’

The moment she showed me the documents I could see that it was a pyramid scheme. 280 more words