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Do You Need Reasons to Love Someone?

In my first year at University, I had a roommate whose new boyfriend was very generous. At this time, I held the belief that if you truly loved someone you didn’t need a reason to. 130 more words


things you said which persist in my head

“you listen to me with wide eyes and enthusiasm” when you were telling me what you liked about me and i should have realized right then that having an audience was the only thing you could love aside from my body… 447 more words


PC and Stupidity

Hang her high!

She tweeted what she should not.

Out to dry!

She did it, yes, she did, she posted it.

Said a thing or two she’s now regretting… 314 more words


Ayatollah Coyote

by Bunnie

I am a bunny who tends to socialize with other bunnies. We nibble the same greens and  communicate in familiar yips and nips  known only to other bunnies. 216 more words


The Night I Accidently Sold Cantaloupe

Everyone warns you about the dangers of fruit salad: teachers, the television, parents; “This is your brain” gorgeous, former teen star holds up an egg then cracks it, “this is your brain on fruit salad”. 1,015 more words


Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

My wife and I are so happy together. I cannot begin to tell you how much. 

When we announced our engagement, so many people who thought they knew everything would tell us that we were too young (or tell her I was too old), that life would be hard, love is this and that, we should got to college, yada-yada.  167 more words


Amour naïf

T’es encore là, devant ton cell à attendre qu’il s’ouvre, à attendre qu’il t’envoie un texto. Ça fait une semaine que t’a rien reçu de sa part, mais tsé, s’pas grave, c’est sûr que bientôt tu vas recevoir quelque chose… ou peut-être pas. 319 more words