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Specious Optimism

Kitsch is the denial of shit. — Milan Kundera

There has always been a socially mediated effort to pigeonhole most forms of critical thinking, analysis, and dialectical assessment as a manifestation of negativity, bitterness, and animosity. 541 more words

the brightest stars, already dead.

Am I to be burned as a witch?
the conflagration rises
burning my squinted eyes
flaming orbs obscure the truth
burning my squinted eyes
flaming eyes obscure the truth… 180 more words

The things we will never have.

More to the point, what I meant to say was ‘why we fight for the things we will never get.”

Here’s the context I meant it in. 713 more words

Journal Entry

Obama Celebrates "Pre-Deal". Iran Refutes. American Pastor Still in Iranian Jail.

I wonder what our Founding Fathers would think of a President who seeks to allow one of our mortal enemies the means by which to annihilate us, while this same enemy continues to hold captive an American, simply because he is a Christian Pastor? 1,301 more words



a concept does not lead to reality
blindly, believingly
i felt one
where there were many, or none

i drag a buck knife across my heart… 23 more words


When I was a small child, my parents rented a summer cottage on Cape Cod Bay.  I awoke the first morning at dawn, excited about a day at the beach.  199 more words