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Why Every Self-Respecting Woman Needs To Stop Wasting Her Time Wondering What A Man *Means*

Every time I want to focus on Spartanhood and enlightenment I get pulled back by the same old nonsense. I say something about power and a girl nods along then hits me with, “But what do you think he meant by this text…” I write about living a no fucks given lifestyle and a girl co-signs only to chime in with, “But why did he reach out again, does this mean he realizes what he lost?” 6,523 more words

the beach

day at the beach
briny olives of your skin
sand not where it could be
how do I say
you help me try
to love the world… 22 more words


The Con Artist...

This post is not so much about Donald Trump as it is about  naiveté.  Con artists have been around since there was money to be taken from naive people. 559 more words


Non naive Turkers won't get fooled again

For some reason this opinion piece popped up in my Google Alerts yesterday–it is a bit old but suggests that researchers are ruining academic research by using MTurk since workers are non naive and thus can’t be fooled and so stuff isn’t being replicated: 153 more words

HIERARCHIES & Why It Increases the Risk of Calamitous Decisions

by Gary Hamel, Harvard Business Review, 12/11.

… the typical management hierarchy increases the risk of large, calamitous decisions.

  • As decisions get bigger, the ranks of those able to challenge the decision maker get smaller.
  • 82 more words
Harvard Business Review

nabokovian naiveté

love is nocturnal, don’t you know
you were born so i need not yet die
and tho’ night hies eternal (don’t let go)
hope krills ablaze across my sky… 52 more words



Happiness, a temporary definition:
When basic survival needs can be taken for granted and there is a confident, relaxed sense that change can be easily accommodated. 146 more words