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Mere tourist

‘Mid country Earth where

Headlong hope’s

Often dashed

‘Gainst life’s unforgiving face

Naive features gone


© Shadeau Bourne-Harbord & Lines of Shadeau, 2016. All rights reserved.


nabokovian naiveté

love is nocturnal, don’t you know
you were born so i need not yet die
and tho’ night hies eternal (don’t let go)
hope krills ablaze across my sky… 52 more words



Happiness, a temporary definition:
When basic survival needs can be taken for granted and there is a confident, relaxed sense that change can be easily accommodated. 146 more words

Recycled Mistakes...Learn from My L's

​So, recently, I almost made the same mistake that I’d made a long time ago (six years ago to be exact). I went for what I wanted… in a relationship. 1,351 more words


Abandoning Caution for Chaos...

“You have burned the bridges to naïveté, and there is no more turning back.”[1]

This quotation was shared with me and 20-some other seminarians my first night of classes at Fox in 2013. 1,321 more words


An Unclear Light

While waiting for a friend this afternoon, I finished the last few pages of Halldór Laxness’ big old novel, World Light. I’d searched it out after reading… 662 more words

Wild and Green

I was wild and green in the ways of the world. I was wild as a child, free, and green, naive. I have written of this often. 271 more words