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future unknown

If I were a present
I’d be the future.

If I were tangible
I’d be untouchable.

If I were a scene
I’d be unseen.

If I were an object… 19 more words


Allemagne: travail & fidélité

Allemagne : travail & fidélité

Grüß Gott !

La Nation allemande, laborieuse et vertueuse, étoit bien appréciée du peuple français.

Voyage d’un Allemand à Paris et retour par la Suisse / Johann Georg Heinzmann / Lausanne / 1800: 1,253 more words

a • lone • ly

a response to the daily post’s writing prompt

Everything would be so different if she had just said no. If she had just pulled up her big-girl pants and told him, firmly and unsympathetically: “no.” But she couldn’t. 305 more words



Poem, that wasn’t a poem
Inquired why it wasn’t so.

“Your author knows not what he does,

Therefore you cannot be,” they rebuked.

“If ignorance precludes art, 129 more words



seasonally fresh
with bright green colours of spring
sunnily freckled

Kim M. Russell, 2018

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #205 DragonChild


bless my arrogance

call it naiveté if you prefer

the times I thought

stronger; mebbe felt

I could be the one

make them whole

alongside too that of me… 94 more words