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Quote for Today: Claude Debussy

I wish to write down my musical dreams in a spirit of utter self-detachment. I wish to sing of my interior visions with the naïve candor of a child. 49 more words

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Analysis of "To Kill a Mockingbird": Scout’s Lesson of Empathy

A child’s laugh scatters through the grayed sky, inopportune for the gloom hanging in the air. woman shifts her heavy gaze upon the misunderstanding girl, echoes of her own childhood shattering her thoughts. 843 more words



Why do I do this to myself?

I set myself up for disappointment

From the very beginning

Like a fool, I see a future in ashes… 64 more words

Abuja Poet

I Hardly Dated. How Utterly Foolish!

I can count the dates in my teen and young adult life on one hand. Prom, Dante’s Peak and Nutty Professor dvds, and rollerskating with one guy, Jurassic Park with a high school friend. 1,124 more words

Day of (Lip) Service

Casting the MLK holiday as a Day of Service sterilizes King’s radical demands for socioeconomic equality. King was assassinated in 1968 while supporting a strike by public employees, and soon thereafter… 280 more words

A new leaf

There are poems inside of me

That paper cant handle

Turn a new leaf, they say

New year, new beginnings,

cast far off from the painful yesterday; 58 more words

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Many political debates are cast ahistorically, i.e., without regard for the ongoing power differentials flowing from the past. For example, analyzing campaign contributions as a matter of free speech without regard for the context and its implications: holders of concentrated wealth capitalize on their advantage and entrench it farther into the future. 106 more words