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A Project

To belong somewhere
in dignity,

 where time could be influenced,
where memory could come and go
without any guilt for long,

might then sin could sail over… 11 more words


A Sad Memory

Here’s a Sad Memory: The diffuse morning light through the milky skylights above the sloped walk on wet cement from the lockers to Hearst Pool; the mirror just before the doors; the smell of chlorine; the dread of polo days; the naïveté of feeling “cold” in a swimsuit at 11AM on a Tuesday morning.



I believe in you like the way I always bring an umbrella wherever I go.

The rain’s uncertain, but we know it will happen.


Stripping It All Away

As a part of the homeschool tutorial I run, I “assist” in a 7th/8th grade literature class every Wednesday. For the past few weeks, they’ve been reading  625 more words


Why I Prefer to Be Called Naive

Over time, I have come to realize a great many things about myself.

I have realized that, despite my over-sensitivity to caffeine, I will still drink more coffee than I should. 587 more words

Optimism does not equal Naïveté

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Reading: The Outsiders

Writing About: Honesty, Realism, Optimism

The Difference Between Difficult and Bad

life is hard, that's true
Every honest man knows that
doesn't make it bad… 42 more words