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This Is Not For You

I’ve kept a lot of things under 20 mattresses that surface every night and never let me sleep.

The sixth mattress nurtures my confidence, which has been worn and compressed into a tiny pea and yet poses as the hurdle for everything my bed carries. 198 more words


The Scamp Sets a Watchman

I just finished reading the new novel by Harper Lee. Well, not exactly new, as it is supposedly the first manuscript that eventually led to… 1,114 more words

PhD Craze

When He Violated Me And Took Away What Is Rightfully Mine

There is no solace.

I always believe there was solace in repressing memories, solace in pushing away the dark of the past, solace in fooling yourself into thinking it didn’t happen… 479 more words

Naïveté - Shakespearean Sonnet

Hey all — I started this piece when I was taking my poetry class last fall. I got about halfway through it and hit a wall. 145 more words

I Want to Write A Love Song

When I reach the pinnacle of my desire,

every word sounds so right,

brings me back into your arms,

only yours, that summer,

that winter’s night when the snow… 220 more words


On Sincerity vs. Naivete

For the last 9 months, I’ve been involved in a local political party and its “young person” wing.  It has been a bit of a crazy, whirlwind experience, and I’ve met a lot of really amazing people and learned a lot about politics and about myself.   698 more words

Clark County