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Malaysia: Leading vs Managing

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. 961 more words


Pencopet Dan Kelompok Begundal – Dr. Najib Mahfouz

Pengalaman pertama saya mambaca karya Dr Najib adalah Karnak Cafe yang mengalir indah. Kekuatan utama ceritanya ada pada karakter yang kuat sehingga seakan-akan kita ikut duduk… 1,047 more words

Malaysia Dog Culling: Penang State Call Dog Lovers Hypocrites. Conspiracy Ensues on Culling Being Smoke Screen for Malaysian Prime Minister’s Fraud Case.

THE STATE of Penang and other Northern Malaysian States has culled over 1000 stray dogs since August 2015 for fear of rabies.  This has caused an outcry of dog lovers world wide… not that they have actually impacted on any of the decision making as more dogs are set to be put to sleep.. 245 more words


Dr M Kecewa Dengan PM Najib Razak

Najib – Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Saya bekerja keras untuk menjadikan Najib Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

2. Tetapi sekarang saya mahu dia disingkirkan, meletak jawatan daripada menjadi perdana menteri. 1,349 more words

The incredible silence and welcome to China's effrontery to Malaysia

Something incredible, unprecedented and potentially dangerous happened in Malaysia last Friday that most Malaysians do not seem to have paid much notice to.

In fact many of the Malaysian Chinese actually welcomed it, fed up as they were by Malay hooligans trying to stir up Malay supremacist and anti-Chinese sentiments in Malaysia. 996 more words


Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib's Address at the UNGA, New York

September 27, 2015

COMMENT:  How can a scandal-ridden and corrupt Prime Minister who openly supports and sponsors the Red Shirt nationalism which purportedly was intended to redeem Malay dignity and pride be credible. 2,402 more words


Sorry, Nothing Personal

I read the latest posting by TDM about Najib in great perplexity. You can read his post at http://chedet.cc/?p=1872

Although he said it is nothing personal, but when I read the opening, it sounds very much like TDM still believes that he has the prerogative right to determine who to be or not to be the PM of Malaysia. 827 more words