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Rescuing Naked Foragers...

Three worlds collide in a BigPig news update..

Due to technical difficulties, a.k.a. moving further into the mountains, I have had limited computer access of late, but stuff has been brewing in the land of many pigs.. 258 more words

Search And Rescue

I'm Naked & Afraid

Naked & Afraid – a most appropriate metaphor for my life. Also, perhaps, the most appropriately named show in the history of television. 1,556 more words

Child Loss

Chapter 18: Ready...Set...Freak-A-Zoid

(“Deeeeeep…as it goooooes!”).  Because through the power of panties, (“You ain’t been sa-tiiis-fiiied!”) I’ve become Gerald Levert.  (“In fact you been den-iiiied!”).  And together we’re singing, (“All the things a girl de-serrrves; a man who puts in worrrrk!”).   391 more words


The Best (Worst) Job in the World

Recently my lovely daughter completed her schooling, collegiately-speaking. We are very proud of her obviously and wish her all the best in her star-studded future. However, this otherwise joyous experience has started the equally painful job search process for said daughter. 414 more words

Tim Braun

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon.5

Hawaiian Honeymoon: Day 5.

As promised, today I’m going to tell you about the time that me & Lance beat a professional baseball player… 1,073 more words