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The Original Naked and Afraid

To truly understand the present, it is necessary to go back to the beginning. Let me say it this way: For change to make any sense, we must know what we used to be. 1,150 more words

Music Awards are Dead

Whatever happened to real music award shows? I think they died in the 90’s, along with real music. MTV Video Awards use to be a show to look forward to if you enjoy music. 365 more words


Dual Survival: Where are the Women Survivalists?

The Discovery Channel is not afraid to put women in survival scenarios as evidenced by Naked and Afraid. Naked and Afraid seems gimmicky at times, but there is practicality behind the concept, especially in showing the world that women are capable survivors, whether they have to work with a male partner, or go it solo when their partner taps out. 237 more words

Exchanges With The Writing Community

Naked and Afraid: Frozen In Fear

I’ve wanted to review another episode of Naked and Afraid for a while, but I’ve been hesitant. Obviously each pair of survivalists are going to have their own unique quirks. 1,000 more words

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Reality TV's Big Boom

After 16 years of existence Survivor has been one of the longest running reality TV shows of all time. It continues to be one of the very popular reality TV shows but it is accompanied by countless other shows that have also become extremely popular. 423 more words

Naked and Afraid and Nutty Oh My!

I’m sitting this evening, watching this wonderfully entertaining — and wonderfully stupid — show that puts together one naked male and one naked female and dumps them into some exotic jungle and says see ya in 21 days. 508 more words