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Attention men interested in seducing me

You’ll do *extremely* well if you can sing “Purple Rain” to me:

Eric and I are moving to England because the reality TV is that much better

First of all, Natalie is the cutest thing I’ve seen since the last picture of my niece.  Admittedly, she’s no Susan Boyle/Shaheen, but pretty adorbs: 36 more words

A must-watch

This has made the rounds a bit already; it’s Daniel Hannan taking down Gordon Brown.

Friday dose of cuteness

I’m home on poodle duty and overwhelmed by my own 6 pounds of cuddable fun, but thought you all might appreciate something furry too:

Thanks Britta! 11 more words

It's 2,000th post time!

Well for my 2,000th post, I could be talking about cheeseburgers or American Idol or my love for George Will or quoting Barbara and Ellie. 44 more words