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Why Did Obama Not Arrest a ‘Bad-mannerred’ Schoolgirl, And How Can The Scots Get a Divorce Referendum Without a War?

AS Africans, we have every right to hold a grudge (even hate) the west: They colonised us and, worse, subjected Africans to the worst form of degradation and exploitation – slavery (though, of course, our chiefs were deeply complicit in this crime). 588 more words

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LETTER FROM A FRIEND: Not Until Kenya's New Chiefs Have Eaten Enough...

From time to time, NakedChiefs shall post a pithy and “bad-mannered” response to one of my columns published in mainstream media. This one is from Mr MD’s take on my column… 197 more words

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Escape From Kenya, And Why With Election Jitters, It’s The Right Time To Buy A House

Yesterday I tried to buy an Economy class seat for a quick dash to Uganda, and return on Sunday to catch the Election Day action on Monday March 4. 668 more words

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A Military Coup, The Fruits Of Democratic Rent, And The Curse Of Euripides In Uganda

In the space of a few days last week, Uganda’s minister of Defence, Dr Crispus Kiyonga, and then President Yoweri Museveni, suggested that that if Parliament continues to give the  Executive headaches, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) might be tempted to step in and stage a military coup. 1,223 more words

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‘Peeling Back The Mask’; Why An Angry Aide’s Book Might Be An Unlikely Early Christmas Present For Kenya President Kibaki And Prime Minister Raila (Part 1)

The Miguna has landed, said a Kenyan wag. Last year, Miguna Miguna, Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s controversial and combative advisor on Coalition, Constitutional and Legal Affairs was dropped from his job. 1,603 more words


Text Messages From Central Africa: The Oil Curse, And Where All You Can Eat Is Lots Of Meat

I have a friend who roams Africa, recording its pains, photographing its bright spots, and listening to us talk about its woes and hopes. Some months ago he was in Central Africa in the Other Congo, the Republic of Congo (not DR Congo). 457 more words

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The Empires Strikes Back: President Museveni Fires Hot Shots At ‘NRM Enemy’ Over Somalia Report

Uganda president Museveni’s very sharp response to my “In Somalia The UPDF Finally Found Its Freedom And Peace”, was sent to media houses in Kampala on the evening of May 6. 3,527 more words