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Ghosts in a ghost's place

A lot of my recent thinking about the nude has revolved around naked children in art photography, at least partially because these are the most contentious nudes produced in the contemporary world. 2,258 more words


Can any of David Hamilton's work be judged to be pornographic?

Defining what constitutes pornography is fraught with peril. Most of us know it when it when we see it, but turning a definition of a pornographic image into words, particular words that will be useful in defining other pornographic works, is exceptionally difficult. 1,038 more words

Naked Children and Art: Part 2

visual pleasure and paedophilia

There is, perhaps, nothing more exciting and frustrating than changing your mind about something when you are in the middle of writing about it. 2,497 more words


Naked Children and Art: Part 1

Innocent children: Difficult images

What I have said about the body and nakedness does not mean or entail that we cannot or should not critically discuss and evaluate the body in art; nor do my views on the irrelevance of culture for the nude entail that we should not or cannot interpret and evaluate works representing the naked human body. 4,372 more words