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Media coverage for 'No Advertising Please'


In the month since first appearing on the 7.30 Report, the No Advertising Please campaign has gained substantial media interest, reaching the shores of the US and UK. 711 more words

Naked Doctor

Top list of wasteful procedures in the ED and General Practice

Yesterday, JAMA published a list of  tests and treatments ordered in the Emergency Department which a group of 283 Emergency clinicians considered the most wasteful. Because accessing the list requires a log-in (which is a bit of a waste!) I have copied it here. 209 more words


Statins and sat fats: a sceptic's look at ABC's Catalyst programs

My article below was published this week at both The Conversation and in Australian Doctor. I figured I’d get in third.

On the past two Thursdays, the ABC’s Catalyst program set off a chain reaction of protest from sections of the medical community, aghast that the non-medical media would question the accepted wisdom that dietary saturated fats kill people and statins save lives. 1,265 more words

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Over-testing and overdiagnosis: the podcast

You have read my name. You have glanced at my photo. But now you have the chance to hear my voice, you lucky thing.

Dr Casey Parker is a doctor based in Broome, in Australia’s deserted remote north west corner, but he is brilliant at connecting, via internet, with places where people actually live. 24 more words


How Archie Cochrane flipped the medical world on its head

I love the story of how Archie Cochrane, founder of
the Cochrane collaboration, first gained notoriety as a very junior staff member at the massive Department of Health in London. 18 more words

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The Naked Doctor is IN

Even useful things can be overused. Sometimes in medicine, ‘doing nothing’ is the best option.

Justin has had a career-long interest in the pitfalls of over diagnosis and over treatment. 73 more words

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Janathon Day 14: Michelangelo's David is a Real Turn-On

If you don’t care for mildly rude humor about nudes, read no further. Today’s post is not for you. On the other hand, if you find naked folks entertaining, stick around & join me for a grin! 578 more words