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Venus as Evening Star (December 2016)

Lately, you might have noticed what appears to be a very bright star prominently visible in the western horizon about an hour after sunset. This ‘star’ is in fact the planet… 106 more words


Zodiacal Lights in Calapan (July 7, 2016)

I have finally seen and photographed the zodiacal lights (diffused white glow in the night sky caused by the reflection of sunlight on dust particles orbiting the Sun) from Calapan City, in the island of Mindoro. 134 more words


2. What is a day, really?

Background Image by Moise Nicu via Wikimedia Commons.

The day is an ancient concept.  Imagine going back in time 5000 years.  You’re an early astronomer pondering nature’s cycles.   958 more words

Global Astronomy Month (April 2016)

Manila Street Astronomers (MSA) celebrates Global Astronomy Month this April by conducting a series of free public observations in various places in Metro Manila. Below are some of the photos taken yesterday during the observation at the UP Town Center in Diliman, QC. 47 more words