Anti EU Meme Appears in Bowl Of Spaghetti - Parliament Recalled

British security forces were moved into positions around Buckingham Palace, The Tower Of London, and Harrods today as news of the appearance of an anti-EU meme in a bowl of spaghetti in Leeds spread throughout the nation. 192 more words

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The Designed Life - Part Five

Food or bed? Which one do I want? Am I hungry or sleepy? Well….

The Designed Life has already looked at safe water, warm houses, the safe toilet, and clean air. 805 more words


Call To Ban Calls Banned In Call To Band Together

Todays announcement from the National Union Of Offended Organism’s spokesmammal, Lex Fiat, has put the telecommunications media on notice; no more discrimination against criminals.

Up until now householders ( referred to in the NUOOO purple paper as Neo-bourgeois space invaders ) have been able to request that their telephone and internet providers ( referred to by the NUOOO as quasi thug-like masses of incompetency ) shield them from African requests for money laundering and Indian demands for internet and bank passwords. 187 more words

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Deaf, Pregnant, and Arrested

Just letting you know the fate of any young women who are going to be passengers in this van. Or so the urban legend would have it. 223 more words


Farrah Abraham and Jenna Shea: Sexy Bunnies!!!

Farrah Abraham & Sexy Jenna Shea: (21 Photos)
New sexy photos of Farrah Abraham and Jenna Shea in new shoot underwear photo, 03/28/16. Hot lesbian bunnies! 31 more words


It's A Man's Life In The Irreligious Police

Division 1. Are you tired of namby-pamby treatment for criminal teenagers? Are you disgusted with the way that women get away with having sex or riding in motor cars with people who are not their male relatives? 656 more words

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