It's Thursday (NSFW)

Thursday, the day after hump day, the weekend is just around the corner, so, relax and enjoy another NSFW post.


Gender Confusion

The Department of Education’s office of “civil” rights says that a mentally ill disguised boy has been “discriminated” against because he is not allowed to… 983 more words


Breaking restriction (NSFW)

What is The Tittle? How is it different from other photo sharing site like The Chive? Well, first of all our site focus will be posting pictures of beautiful women. 130 more words


Taking Down The Pictures - Putting Up The Pictures

Wow. I never thought I would have the courage – the courage to take down most of the pictures from the walls of my studio. 162 more words


The Small Change Of Government

A note for my North American, South Canadian, and French readers:

Here in Australia we have just changed our Prime Minister. As he was not our head of state¬†(who still is accounted to be the Governor General…who reigns, but only in small showers… as the vicar of the Queen of England* ), the removal did not require any revolting or head chopping. 337 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

Hacking It Up Onto The Screen

It would appear from a number of recent Facebook posts that hackers are randomly posting naughty¬†images onto people’s Facebook pages and that this has become a matter of concern. 162 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia


Sometimes being on fet is positive for my self image. I am able to see naked pictures of real women, including all of their flaws, and see that men (or women) still want them. 308 more words