Stark Naked And Covered In Lawsuits

Farewell, naked ladies. Goodbye, spicy prose. Adios, sex advice for the timid.

Google has taken the veil.

Or rather, is going to veil all the idols in the temple, lest we see them and be corrupted. 314 more words


Warning - Non-Explicit Images - Not Safe For Lurk

We have just received notification from our inkernet supplier that henceforth we will not be able to post articles that have non-explicit content. This means in practical terms that every image will have to show nipples. 393 more words


Uncle Dick's Advice To Young Men

Gather round children. I am about to make your lives better.

Many of you young men have heard the word “feminist”. You have also heard the word “dentist”, “artist”, “aerialist” and other fine “ists”. 576 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia