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How to keep naked guys from talking to you

I’m not sure of a more awkward situation than a naked guy striking up small talk while I’m scrubbing my privies. Yet this is the ritual I must endure every time I head out for my weekly bath at the local… 293 more words

Peace Corps

Dustin Yellin Gets Naked—Again!—For 'Z Behl: Joker's Solitaire' (NSFW)

Dustin Yellin, where have your pants gone! They seem to have disappeared once again. This is starting to get a little out of hand. It wasn’t so long ago that you were… 305 more words

Revenge Again

Last week I made a post about a man, Kevin Cotter, who created a blog with pictures of him using his ex-wife’s wedding dress in very unusual ways as a revenge for being dumped. 203 more words

The Hottest Naked Guys

This video is about THE HOTTEST NAKED GUYS.

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Auburn, New Hampshire

My day started yesterday afternoon. I was passing a big college stadium and I look over and see a guy staring at me. I stare some, and he doesn’t look away. 536 more words