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Redington B-Days


We are going upstream from our usual haunts at Redington Pass for an overnighter. Our original plan of three full days on the Verde River backpacking has been decimated by the rain and colder weather that has popped up there. 1,924 more words

Whetstone Weekend: Part III Oaks in the Forest



A bird alights on a branch just above our heads. It sings a greeting, a morning song to us. It then moves on to more pressing business. 1,674 more words

Whetstone Weekend: Part II Mysteries Solved?


We have been exploring the area Where Wyatt Earp shot Currly Bill back in 1882. We are speculating on the numerous conflicting accounts and where is that spring? 2,116 more words

Whetstone Weekend: Part I: Pondering the Shootout


The Earp Vendetta Ride was a search by Deputy U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp, leading a federal posse, looking for outlaw Cowboys that they believed had ambushed and maimed Virgil Earp and killed Morgan Earp. 2,727 more words

Redington: Full of water, joy and friendship Part II

2014-09-22 and the week that follows:

Moving On:

Tiredness wears off with infusion of the invigoration of the fun of it. I decide to explore a bit further in search of shade and adventure. 2,529 more words

Sutherland Trail


It is Halloween weekend. We start out attending a costumed event as a pair of famous naked people. Sunday, we decide to have a hike up the Sutherland Trail at the foot of the Catalina Mountains. 2,151 more words

Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity.  We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. 1,055 more words