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New Computer - Old Operating System

I often fantasise about a licence to print money. I also fantasise about scantily-clad ladies and plates of cheese and biscuits but that is none of your business. 348 more words


Bananas - The Worst Fruit

Remember when you were a kid and you used to have pretend phone conversations into a banana? Those were the good ol’ days! I’m actually kind of pissed I ever switched to a real phone. 542 more words


Milk Milk, Lemonade...

This post is dedicated to the poor souls who are accidentally getting pregnant while they’re still nursing their infants…

I’ve been hearing a lot about women who think they can’t get pregnant if they’re breastfeeding. 135 more words


One From Column A And One From Column B

Today is modern time. No more old horse and buggy of Volga boatman. It is to be seen of advancement is everywhere.

No more so than at Steampunk Gala. 118 more words


Failed Drawings Part 2: Crippled Horse Legs and The Fence Adding Technique

When I was a kid, I loved to draw. When I wasn’t drawing women in ball gowns, I was drawing horses. For some reason, I never managed to obtain a reference photo of a horse, and ended up with horses that had back legs that looked like someone had taken a crowbar and smashed the knees back in the wrong direction. 382 more words


A bunch of naked ladies and a stitch in time.

Sorry a bit fuzzy – but you get the idea.

Yes they flowers are called naked ladies!  Did I trick you?

They are called that because they have no leaves or branches – they simply grow flowers.  127 more words


Depending Upon The Weather...

We see this phrase in all sorts of social event invitations – barbeques, children’s parties, infantry assaults…so much seems to turn upon whether weather weathers the storm. 220 more words