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Naked Ladies and Other Beauties

I’ve spent most of my life in deserts, first in Colorado, and more recently in a high corner of the Mojave Desert. (Colorado might not seem like a desert since it has tillable soil and no cactuses. 268 more words


Naked Ladies at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Naked Ladies by Thea Fitz-James

Telus Phone Museum (10437 83 avenue) August 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23
More information: theafitzjames.wordpress.com

An interview with Thea Fitz-James. 1,040 more words

What's On?

Door To Door Camera Salesman

“Good morning, Sir. Is the lady of the house available? Oh…you ARE the lady of the house? Ahhhhh…”

I have only been a door-to-door salesman once in my life – it was magazine subscriptions and I had a captive market. 250 more words


Naked Ladies, or Belladonna Lilies, or Amaryllis Belladonna - Take Your Pick

These are really strange plants. In the spring they sprout up without any flowers. The picture below is how mine looked in early April.

After a while this all disappears. 17 more words


Naked Ladies (Amaryllis belladonna)

Boy is someone going to be surprised when their search turns these up instead of…well, you know. :-)


      Well I have working on this  blog for a little over a year and have plenty of sketches to show for it. A lot of the drawings are not that great, some of them are decent and a select few I thought were really good. 305 more words