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The Plug In Masterpiece

I am a shameless user of Photoshop Elements and plug-in programs that modify the images in it. If I could figure out how to add more to my overloaded little iMac I would. 268 more words


Bogan Photographic Rampage

For the North American and European readers, the term “bogan” describes your popular mental picture of Australians. It is not at all accurate for most of us but there is always a rime of it on the outer suburbs of any city – the suburbs just before you get to the expensive properties that house the horses of the inner-city rich. 335 more words


Oh, You Fools...

So, you like the Q&A session? Well…

Q: Is there a limit to the types of lenses that can be put on mirror-less cameras?

A: Given 4 garages full of old 35mm gear and a Chinese Cad Cam machine, I should say no. 196 more words


Naked Ladies and Other Beauties

I’ve spent most of my life in deserts, first in Colorado, and more recently in a high corner of the Mojave Desert. (Colorado might not seem like a desert since it has tillable soil and no cactuses. 268 more words


Naked Ladies at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

Naked Ladies by Thea Fitz-James

Telus Phone Museum (10437 83 avenue) August 15, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23
More information: theafitzjames.wordpress.com

An interview with Thea Fitz-James. 1,040 more words

What's On?

Door To Door Camera Salesman

“Good morning, Sir. Is the lady of the house available? Oh…you ARE the lady of the house? Ahhhhh…”

I have only been a door-to-door salesman once in my life – it was magazine subscriptions and I had a captive market. 250 more words


Naked Ladies, or Belladonna Lilies, or Amaryllis Belladonna - Take Your Pick

These are really strange plants. In the spring they sprout up without any flowers. The picture below is how mine looked in early April.

After a while this all disappears. 17 more words