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A bunch of naked ladies and a stitch in time.

Sorry a bit fuzzy – but you get the idea.

Yes they flowers are called naked ladies!  Did I trick you?

They are called that because they have no leaves or branches – they simply grow flowers.  127 more words


Depending Upon The Weather...

We see this phrase in all sorts of social event invitations – barbeques, children’s parties, infantry assaults…so much seems to turn upon whether weather weathers the storm. 220 more words



heralding winter
last flowers


General Grant And General Lee

On my other blog page I have reported the amusement of trying to appear to be an artist on Facebook – and failing. Well, not failing as such – I mean, I fail to be an artist down at Southlands shopping centre or on the median strip of Albany Highway on a regular basis – but failing to be accepted into an artist’s group. 316 more words


Six Nations Super Saturday. To whet your appetite, Paul picks 6 beers that go head to head before another classic Six Nations finale

Another fantastic weekend of championship rugby awaits on Saturday with all Six Nations countries featuring to bring an end to this brilliant event. This year goes down to the wire with (mathematically at least) 4 nations still in the sniff of the title. 980 more words

Beer Tasting Notes

Woman Strokes Big Hairy Pussy

And instantly regrets it. Cat fur all over the damn place, claw marks on the sofa arm, and everything smells like Whiskas Tuna Fish Surprise. Is that a half chewed rat on the carpet?* This business of providing non-sexual image content for blogs that are hosted by the Blogger arm of the Google company is going to be difficult. 240 more words


Jimmy Olsen Never Had To Park The Car

I thought of Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen today. He was the junior photographer who always accompanied Clark Kent on a reporting assignment and was generally being tied up, beaten, or threatened with death until Clark stepped into a phone booth and changed clothes. 248 more words