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Naked Ladies (Amaryllis belladonna)

Boy is someone going to be surprised when their search turns these up instead of…well, you know. :-)


      Well I have working on this  blog for a little over a year and have plenty of sketches to show for it. A lot of the drawings are not that great, some of them are decent and a select few I thought were really good. 305 more words


Eeeeeek!  Naked Ladies!!!: Cee’s Flower a Day Challenge

I walked in to do Information Booth duty at the Lake Chapala Society, and these little naked ladies were popping up all over the grass.  

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Judy Dykstra-Brown Photos

Jobs You Can Do: The Best and the Worst

Dear The Internet,

I was recently contacted on Snapchat by the Observer Magazine, who want me to write them an article on the best and worst jobs in the job market (which is in Grimsby High Street on a Thursday). 927 more words


Music 39: Naked ladies

Naked Ladies are also known as Belladonnas. The leaves do not appear until after it flowers.

Pink is the more common colour, but the pure whites are particularly stunning and this is the colour I have in my garden. 23 more words


Cross-Cliché Training - The Photo Cult That Is Sweeping The Nation

Are you a photographer who has been taking photos since before last Wednesday? Do you wear your feed cap on forwards? Is your shirt tucked in – to your own trousers? 356 more words