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My Mother is Making It Rain Benjamins

Once upon a time, when I thought BonneBell lip gloss was king, my mother took me to see strippers. Before anyone gets too upset, I should add it was… 338 more words


Nearly NAKEN Men....... in Central Park Today

Today in Central Park…..WHAT WERE THEY DOING.……………?????


WHAT WERE THEY DOING?????  I didn’t ask!


Can You Spot the Biggest Cock!? : SEXY GAY PICS

Us gays like to think of ourselves as Dick connesouirs. A lot of times we feel we can accurately guess the size of a man’s junk the second we lay eyes on the guy. 266 more words

Naked men on my birthday!

Thank you everyone who noticed that today is my birthday! Truth be told, it actually isn’t my birthday. Nobody is really sure when I was born, nor how old I am exactly. 94 more words

Milestone Time

[VIDEO] Modern Take on Japanese Fan Dance Has Naked Men, International Appeal

Ah, the Japanese fan dance. In popular culture, its staid connections to Noh and Kabuki theater are put aside in favor of something more risque. Usually it’s a coy geisha slowly using her fans to seductively cover and reveal her face and body. 80 more words


Okayama Naked Man Festival Guest Blog

Hey everyone,

Recently I attended one of Japan’s Naked Man Festivals in Okayama. I’ll be writing in great detail about what that all entails later but for now go check out my guest blog feature at the amazing website: … 46 more words