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How do the gut microbiomes of naked mole rats compare with other animals?

First, glossary, helpful for specialists and lay persons alike.

Next, the naked mole rat (NMR)’s astounding features that help explain why it’s being studied intensively these days. 1,147 more words

Cecal Protists

Naked Mole Rats - The Real Superheroes of our World

We’ve all grown up with stories of Superheroes – Humans (or aliens) that have supernatural powers that allow them to do incredible things like turn into fire or absorb bullets. 805 more words


100 Crazy Critters – #61 - Naked Mole Rat

Do naked mole rats qualify as “so ugly they’re cute”?  My kids certainly think so.  In fact, my 8 year old is almost as obsessed with naked mole rats as he is with unicorns and horses.   132 more words

Naked Mole Rats of Love

As the glorious naked mole rat sadly did not seem to have a wedding cake topper option, I made a quick mock-up for Heterocephalus glaber enthusiasts. 111 more words


The National Zoo - Spring 2015

A whirlwind visit last weekend to DC to visit good friends, enjoy the cherry blossoms and get a bit of culture would not be complete without a visit to the National Zoo. 125 more words