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The National Zoo - Spring 2015

A whirlwind visit last weekend to DC to visit good friends, enjoy the cherry blossoms and get a bit of culture would not be complete without a visit to the National Zoo. 125 more words


Do Model Animals Tell Us Anything about Human Aging?

I wrote a tiny report on the pluses and minuses of using model  animals in aging research.

Using model animals in gerontological studies has yielded an enormous wealth of useful information about the mechanisms of human aging and longevity. 2,795 more words


Golec - gryzoń superbohater

Mój artykuł w Gazecie Wyborczej

Może nie jest piękny, ale jaki wytrzymały! (FRANS LANTING)

Golce wygrywają konkurs na najbrzydsze ssaki świata. Są różowe, łyse, pomarszczone i wyglądają jak… penisy z zębami. 341 more words

Po Polsku

"So you can't feel pain, ey? Wait till I'm done with you.."

Pain is an incredible concept. It is part of evolution, allowing us to realise when we should not repeat an action such as touching a hot plate, which could damage our bodies. 854 more words

Naked mole rat offers new hope for cancer researchers

It’s a pretty unassuming animal. Some people might even say it’s ugly. But while the naked mole rat might not win any beauty contests, scientists are intrigued by some of the qualities common to this subterranean rodent. 741 more words

Health And Fitness

Soup of This Day #388: With A Streak Of Rin Tin Tin

This is the nicest image of a naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber) that I could find. They’re just not conventionally good looking and so I’ve yet to find a sportsperson who has adopted 1 as a mascot. 1,452 more words

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