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Sat flicking through an animal encyclopaedia with Arthur the other day reminded me of all the weird and wacky animals there are out there that I have discovered over the years and fallen in love with just for the singular reason that they are a bit (or a lot) bizarre. 488 more words


What Naked Mole Rats Can Teach Us About Alzheimer's Disease

Yes, you read that title correctly. I’m talking about naked mole rats, the burrowing hairless rodents with a face only a mother could love. You might just know them for their strange appearance, but naked mole rats have fascinated scientists for decades due to their extreme longevity. 407 more words


The Hindu: Not so pretty, mate


Not so PRETTY, mate



You may think they look “ugly”. But ask them, and they’ll tell you who really fits the bill. 526 more words

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Flamingoes, Naked Mole Rats, and Sleepers

The age-old mystery of how flamingoes sleep on one leg without falling over has finally been resolved. Biologists at Emory University wondered if the one-legged stance was caused by regulating body temperature or reducing muscle fatigue, but they had no live specimens to test. 665 more words

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“Trying to demand the reason for existence from an all-knowing omniscient supreme being takes negotiating to a whole new level.”
Fforde, Jasper. The Woman Who Died a Lot: A Thursday Next Novel (pp. 3,048 more words