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The Hindu: Not so pretty, mate


Not so PRETTY, mate



You may think they look “ugly”. But ask them, and they’ll tell you who really fits the bill. 526 more words

Nature/ Wildlife

Flamingoes, Naked Mole Rats, and Sleepers

The age-old mystery of how flamingoes sleep on one leg without falling over has finally been resolved. Biologists at Emory University wondered if the one-legged stance was caused by regulating body temperature or reducing muscle fatigue, but they had no live specimens to test. 665 more words

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“Trying to demand the reason for existence from an all-knowing omniscient supreme being takes negotiating to a whole new level.”
Fforde, Jasper. The Woman Who Died a Lot: A Thursday Next Novel (pp. 3,048 more words


This week in science (April 19 - April 26)

By Claire Roth

Wildlife – Ants, fungus, and Radiohead

Though the subjects of ants, fungus, and the rock band Radiohead are all normally unrelated, the discovery of a new ant species created a connecting thread between all three. 751 more words

behold! the naked mole rat

When the big boss retired, she gave each of the managers in her group a small gift from her office. Some received art, some received a book or two, and I was the proud recipient of a small, pink, rubber facsimile of a naked mole rat (pictured). 168 more words

Naked Mole Rat

Don't hold your breath against a naked mole rat.

Naked mole rats are affectionately known as an odd freak of nature. They can live for up to 30 years (which is absolutely astonishing for a rodent its size),  are resistant to pain, and are practically immune to cancer (only… 210 more words