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This week in science (April 19 - April 26)

By Claire Roth

Wildlife – Ants, fungus, and Radiohead

Though the subjects of ants, fungus, and the rock band Radiohead are all normally unrelated, the discovery of a new ant species created a connecting thread between all three. 751 more words


behold! the naked mole rat

When the big boss retired, she gave each of the managers in her group a small gift from her office. Some received art, some received a book or two, and I was the proud recipient of a small, pink, rubber facsimile of a naked mole rat (pictured). 168 more words

Naked Mole Rat

Don't hold your breath against a naked mole rat.

Naked mole rats are affectionately known as an odd freak of nature. They can live for up to 30 years (which is absolutely astonishing for a rodent its size),  are resistant to pain, and are practically immune to cancer (only… 210 more words

Buffalo, NY: Center for Inquiry / Just Buffalo Literary Cafe

Hey folks,

I’ve been pretty beat this week, mostly from riding the bus out to Buffalo, NY to perform at the Center for Inquiry / Just Buffalo Literary Cafe… 246 more words


Save Daylight Saving Time

Next week most Americans will participate in one of the country’s dumbest traditions. No, it’s not picking which one of the two numbskulls we want to head our government. 484 more words



The story of the axolotl is not unique to the natural world, but it is truly fascinating.

The axolotl, Mexican salamander or Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic salamander that becomes an adult and reaches sexual maturity without undergoing any biological changes or metamorphosis. 317 more words


Sunday, 23rd October 2016

Naked mole rat, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈneɪkɪd məʊl rat/
Etymology: < naked adj. + mole n. + rat n.

1. A blind, almost hairless mole rat of East Africa, … 43 more words