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A weed and a daughter

I had a dream.

Bonkers dream.

Covering a naked mole rats head in some sort of adhesive and putting sprinkles on it!  It’s head was covered in sprinkles  THEN! 314 more words

Photography & Art



Wilbur is a naked mole rat who likes clothes. Other mole rats find this behavior strange, sometimes scandalous. Wilbur enjoys the different roles and characters that his wide-ranging wardrobe allows him to play. 520 more words

The Joy Of In-Laws

Today I had the displeasure of spending some time with a woman who likes to refer to herself as my “Sister-in-law.” We’ll call her Crystal, because that’s her name, and I’m not concerned that she will read this blog as I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s functionally illiterate. 317 more words

Being Human

Time for drug chemists to hit the cell biology books

The (undeservedly) obscure Naked Mole Rat should be of interest to drug chemists for two reasons (1) it lives 8 times as long its fellow rodent the lab mouse (2) it… 463 more words

Molecular Biology

Naked Mole Rats

I found this poem on a napkin, written circa 2000? After a zoo visit:

Exploited, on display for Chicago to see
the miniscule glass windows through which to peep… 49 more words

Factual, funny and freakish, all on one Friday

Now, if you are the kind of person who is a bit put out having to follow a link in a blog post to understand what the author is posting about, I will apologize now. 114 more words

The (re) Education Of Ms Janie Jones