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So Apparently I'm a Naked Mole Rat

I stand here,

toothbrush dangling from fingertips,

staring at myself in the mirror.

I stand here for five minutes straight, with my face wet from rinsing, … 793 more words

How Jellyfish, Nanobots, and Naked Mole Rats Could Make Humans Immortal

June 18, 2016

Dr. Chris Faulkes is standing in his laboratory, tenderly caressing what looks like a penis. It’s not his penis, nor mine, and it’s definitely not that of the only other man in the room, VICE photographer Chris Bethell. 2,808 more words


This Week's Cancer Updates [Party Mix #16]

New Saliva Test May Be Able To Detect Cancer In Just 10 Minutes

The test, which has been described as a “liquid biopsy,” was developed after researchers discovered that traces of RNA from cancer cells can be found in saliva.

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Party Mix

A weed and a daughter

I had a dream.

Bonkers dream.

Covering a naked mole rats head in some sort of adhesive and putting sprinkles on it!  It’s head was covered in sprinkles  THEN! 314 more words

Photography & Art



Wilbur is a naked mole rat who likes clothes. Other mole rats find this behavior strange, sometimes scandalous. Wilbur enjoys the different roles and characters that his wide-ranging wardrobe allows him to play. 520 more words