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Robin Thicke Celebrate's his Birthday with Champagne & Half Naked Ladies (PICS)

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Robin had 7.3 million reasons to crawl into a big dark hole Tuesday night, but instead he chose to fill it with champagne and half-naked chicks to blow-out his 38th birthday party.

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The Things I Do For The Sake of My Characters

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I’m finding myself looking at pictures of half-naked women to figure out what turns my main character on. 19 more words


Female Code - February 2015 (Nude Tax Preparation)

I am currently working for a local CPA firm until our move to Kauai is complete.  Yes, I know, I know… I’ve been writing about this for over a year.  721 more words


Why You're Allowed To Like 50 Shades (And Why You Don't Have To)

Once upon a time there were no books. A short while after there was this book with a tie on the front cover and all these women bought it and they felt sexy and it made them smile and touch themselves. 1,224 more words

Boney M - Love For Sale

This cover is a bit of a puzzler. For one thing, no matter how wealthy you are, gold is a soft metal and therefore makes very weak chains. 114 more words

Captive Women

Jury finds ‘revenge porn’ website creator guilty of extortion

SAN DIEGO — A man who posted thousands of nude and sexually explicit photos of women on his website without their permission, then set up a second website where they had to pay up to $350 to get the photos taken down, was convicted today of 27 felony counts of extortion and identity theft. 258 more words


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[caption id="attachment_20622" align="alignnone" width="584"]Kevin Boellart listens to closing arguments in his conspiracy, identity theft and extortion case Kevin Bolleart listens to closing arguments in his conspiracy, identity theft and extortion case. Note that various news organizations spell his name differently, as Boellart.[/caption] The news from the jury wasn't good for slimebucket Kevin Bollaert Monday afternoon. He's been convicted of extortion and identity theft in connection with his "revenge porn" website, where he required money from women to remove their indecent photos from the site. Since I rarely defend slimebuckets, first the facts, then my defense. From USA Today we learn: "It's one of the first convictions under a new California law that outlawed revenge porn. Authorities say Bollaert ran a website where people posted explicit images of their ex-lovers and their names and hometowns without consent, and a second website the victims could contact to have the images removed — for a fee of up to $350. Authorities say Bollaert made tens of thousands of dollars. In court, Bollaert's lawyer, Emily Rose-Weber, argued that the business may have been immoral, but it wasn't illegal." [caption id="attachment_20624" align="alignnone" width="584"]Kevin Bollaert with another of his defense attorneys Alex Landon. Kevin Bollaert with another of his defense attorneys Alex Landon.[/caption] And from UT San Diego: "“It’s a fairly new phenomenon,” Deputy Attorney General Tawnya Boulan Austin told the judge at the start of the hearing. She said it’s usually the spurned member of a former couple who takes revenge by posting intimate photos of former lovers online. The prosecutor was explaining the concept to Judge David Gill, the senior jurist on the San Diego Superior Court, who admitted he was not technologically inclined and did not use a computer. Boulan Austin said that in Bollaert’s case, it was he who developed and ran the website, yougotposted.com, and was “intimately responsible for the content and management of the items the aggrieved party would submit to his site.” When the victims learned about the posts, usually when contacted by strangers, and tried to contact the webmaster, they were directed to Bollaert’s sister site, changemyreputation.com, where the victims were told they had to pay money to get their photos removed. “Unless they could prove to the defendant that they were a minor, all other requests — except those who paid — were ignored,” the prosecutor said." My defense: First, the women whose photos appeared on the Internet took a risk by voluntarily sending them to men. It was those men who then, in my opinion, owned the photos. Ownership conveys the right to destroy them, look at them, or show them to anyone else, including posting them online. The photos on slimey Bollaert's website were posted by those men. Insofar as I am aware they have not been charged with crimes. They certainly did not steal the photos or steal the woman's identity. I thus fail to see how Bollaert stole anyone's identity. Many of these women were known to the public through their Facebook pages anyway. Second, Bollaert did not threaten anyone who did not pay his removal fee. In blackmail, you have someone's nude photos and threaten to go public with them unless you are paid off. That's not what he did. I predict he will appeal his conviction. However, he may remain open to a civil lawsuit related to violating women's privacy, but unless the photos were stolen by him, I fail to see how that civil tort would stick. Bollaert should be shunned by society. So should men who post online sexually explicit photos of wives and girlfriends without their permission, even though legally in my opinion, such permission is not required. But also, to be frank about it, what the hell is going on with women who believe that they are accomplishing something good by having their pictures taken while engaged in bumping fuzzies or sucking the wiener schnitzel. This whole business is sordid, but it starts with women voluntarily seeking to become amateur porn stars. And yes, I've had guys pull out their phones and show me "naughty" pictures of women that someone sent to someone who sent them to someone who sent them to someone who sent them to someone who showed them to me. Ladies, it's your call. You have a right NOT to take photos of you slapping somebody's monkey. Exercise that right. We haven't heard the last of this legal gray area. [caption id="attachment_20625" align="alignnone" width="584"]In doing a Google image search for revenge porn, this is the first image to appear.  It's also one of the few that I can publish, as most involve not just nudity, but explicit sexual acts. In doing a Google image search for revenge porn, this is the first image to appear. It's also one of the few that I can publish, as most involve not just nudity, but explicit sexual acts.[/caption]