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Even in the Garden of Eden....

Alert…this is not a religious post just a story about snakes.

I have a fear of snakes.  Not a phobia of snakes.  Just given the choice of petting a kitten or petting a snake I’m going to pick the kitten… 821 more words

Prince Albert

I am a sneaky person.

Yes I am.

I may not have a poker face, but I sure as hell can be sneaky about some stuff. 251 more words


There are countless album covers with sexualized images of women on them. I’m getting kind of tired of seeing them and each time I come across another, I can’t help but think of Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, “Standing Female Nude.” As with all male representations of women in art/literature, I wonder how the women, the “muses,” who inspired those portraits felt about them. 191 more words

Random Musings

More Gender Musing at Medium

I think Chimamanda is right.  We all *should* be feminists; privilege is a real thing but so too is the burden of maintaining privilege.  So I keep writing.  832 more words

Where Playboy converged with reality

In the Age of Naked Selfies and hacked celebrity smartphones, it is hard to recall the time when nudity was dispensational, handed out like wafers at a Catholic communion ceremony. 1,319 more words

Piss off. I don't care what you think.

That’s how I want to start.  That is how I want to begin.  I’m not trying to win friends or followers.  Not trying but I have to, more on that later.  928 more words