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One way you're guaranteed to lose a job offer

A 23 year old man who had recently been hired by a company in St. Charles, Illinois, decided to celebrate the occasion by sending naked pictures of himself to an HR manager, the… 144 more words


After being offered a job, a man sent something to HR that was so stupid the police were called

ImageFile this one under “How Not to Get Hired.”

After being extended a conditional job offer, a 23-year-old Chicago man was unconditionally shown the door after he reportedly sent nude pictures of himself to a female human resources manager at the company. 125 more words


Miley Cyrus' Latest Photo Shoot Is Basically Porn

If you thought Miley Cyrus’ outfits for MTV’s Video Music Awards were revealing, you may want to stop reading now. It only gets worse from here. 198 more words


Philly's Naked Bikers Photobomb Couple's Wedding Photo

Here’s the scene:

You just got married. It was a beautiful ceremony; you’re both dressed to the nines, and it’s picture time!

Enter the 3,000 naked bikers— What do you do? 101 more words