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My Nakedness | EGOSPEL

The People that you discuss all your life with
Do not discuss all their life with you
Don’t make your life a subject for discussion… 217 more words

The Lord’s Servant in Conflict

As the Lord’s servant we are faced with conflicts continually but it doesn’t mean we become bull-headed and pugnacious and develop a penchant for a good fight. 173 more words


In trying times,
let the tears pour down hard like torrential rain,
in difficult times,
cry a river, pour out tears that could fill a mighty ocean, 51 more words

Self Help

Lessons From Noah

Love covers somebody’s weaknesses. Love does not point out a person’s nakedness, nor criticizes their flaws. Love does not tell it to others, nor makes fun of. 234 more words


Things I don't want to be forgotten....

I am currently in a play called, “Love, Loss and What I Wore” by Nora and Delia Ephron and it has been amazing to work with twelve women and not have any problems….we know how bitchy and terrible we can be am I right? 624 more words

20 Somethings

Pretty Damn Good

Today I went down through the manzanitas to the creek, the sun wasn’t quite to the water and the rocks were still cool from the night. 838 more words

Bigger Picture

I Want To See You Naked

I want to see you naked.
Let me see you as you are,
In your natural femininity.
Show me everything,
Hide nothing from me.

Do not hide behind clothing, 260 more words