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Why are we so afraid of nakedness?

An annoying thing happened to me yesterday in the swimming pool changing room.

Just as I was getting dry and dressed after my swim some schoolkids came into the changing rooms – I’m guessing they were about seven years old (Year 3). 533 more words


Double The Trouble (Juggling Girlfriends - Part Two)

Disclaimer;  Believe me, I know how dangerous telling a story like this is when the parties being talked about have the potential to turn into Glenn Close… 899 more words


Spring in the Karoo

new lambs in the veld
grey-green shrubs of the Karoo
my soul stands naked

Haiku Out Of Africa

The power of lust

The memory is too strong. Its like a smell, hits you all at once and is too much to take in. Probably all making out memories are like that? 398 more words

The power of sharing

Childhood memories. Or the lack of. A sudden intense emotion of sadness struck me this morning when I saw Sapana bahini being hit with a stick by her mother. 474 more words

Unsent Letters I

wednesday, six/twenty-four


i’m currently making all of these for you. and it’s mizzling now, the term i prefer more than “drizzling”. it’s light, barely obvious; like the tears kept into each and everyone. 222 more words