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Lent: Enough 6

Hold tight
that I will not hold tight
fists clenched, to world.
when all its passing joys toy.
Hold tight that I may tie
my heart to Yours. 33 more words


Lent: Enough 5

What warmth I hide in will soon grow cold.
All Peter’s false fires, Adam’s cloak of leaves,
will burn out, fade, and leave nakedness in ash. 34 more words


Joy, Nakedness, and Tolstoy.

Cabin life is enjoyed by nearly everyone. This is due to its stripped-down minimalism that emphasizes the things that really matter to one’s self. Possessions, clutter, busyness, and a frenetic lifestyle are all left behind. 1,608 more words

Simple Living And Pleasures


The majesty of Your torment shines with the light of your complete resignation, an acceptance that is absolute freedom, and your words, “Your will be done!” cast a brilliant light on Your martyrdom. 59 more words

Lent: Enough 1

Hold tight. Hold me tight:
what coverings I have sought,
what fig-leaves,
cannot disguise my nakedness.
My shame burns garments – yet
You clothe in righteousness. 90 more words


Stop Body Shaming in carnival

Carnival is a time for revelry and the celebration of freedom, now in days gone by that meant colorful costumes made by local tailors and wire benders, iron band and steel pan, calypso and soca music and dancing in the streets. 299 more words

Facebook on nudity

I was interested to read this piece about new policies on hate speech, violence, and nudity issued by Facebook. My interest was caught, not because I am a user of Facebook which I am not, but by the nudity reference. 741 more words