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Skinny Jeans and Nakedness

Oh how things change.

One of the biggest things I’m finding lately is that you can know yourself, you can have goals, you can have a plan and then….eventually fate takes over. 834 more words

The charmlessness of Utopia: Channel Four’s Naked Attraction

Once, on a first date, I had an interesting exchange along the following lines: my date mentioned in passing a spreadsheet that she was using to track and rate her dates. 1,458 more words


Not exactly

Rain had refused to fall in Akure, although April was fast running to an end. It was as though there was a powerful force holding it back. 1,249 more words

Onions -with A Pi.


I saw a picture this week of a boy and I naked in the sunshine when I was 19 years old. He was just my friend, we were never intimate in any way besides our hearts. 561 more words


I stripped and waded into
A night surf tumbling.
I leapt, white on black.
I was a fish now, enjoined
With the sea.

Buoyant in my… 141 more words


•Vulnerability & Nakedness•

I really really like this article The Need to Be Naked (read it and you’ll get it). The author brings up a lot of points I can relate to and that, I think, are relevant to all of us woman growing up and living in this technological world. 172 more words