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It's fizzix, I reckon.

Whenever I’m trying to get my little toyota RV (the dolphin) to sit level, I use existing props. I pile rocks or stack wood or use curbs. 724 more words

Bigger Picture

You don’t have to do anything to improve yourself

But sitting here and simply expressing that you are not born with obligations, you don’t have to DO anything to improve yourself, let the game play out. 157 more words


You were born with clothes; learn to die naked

Question: I really believed that I had all things that happened to me, that it was terrible. Oh! that I was so unlucky. Oh! everything happened to me. 2,141 more words


Wild At Heart

I wore clothes to bed for the first time in a while.
It was a particularly cold night in this here middle of winter Australian season. 427 more words


Virginity, Whore, Sex, Queen, Lover

The journey of sex starts differently for us all. For me, it has always been about shedding the cloak of the shame of Christianity in its different forms, choosing how and where and when to step through a control-fear-wonder door into another universe where love is possible in its most embodied form. 1,888 more words


Meagan Good is Good

I recently got involved in a talk with a couple of friends about the way Meagan dresses – by the way my friends are hard core Christians… 909 more words


Naked thoughts?

Another extract from The Philosopher’s Beach Book

George Formby got his cheeky implications wrong. In his ‘Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti Island’ (a Pacific beach paradise with fantasy images to rival Gaugin, but without the latter’s sinister side) he offers what appears to be an escalating scale of sexual provocation when he suggests that ‘the girls there are all full of sport’ leading to ‘and wear their frocks a trifle short’, and ending with ‘and some are simply wrapt in thought’ in Hi-Tiddly-Hi-Ti Isle. 806 more words