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Top 10 New Zealand Bands With Less Than 1000 Followers On Facebook

As NZ Music Month draws to a close for another year, I’ve decided to give some more love to Kiwi bands. I’ve been hunting for fresh new Kiwi music all month and have come across plenty of gems.  733 more words

List Day Friday

PWD #76: Nakey Rights

They always go and ruin perfectly good Post-Bath-Nakey-Time by going and putting a vest on you. You must protest against this *every time*. I am hoping that consistently reinforcing my dismay will change this negative vest obsessed behaviour.

Nakey in Deutschland

Nudity is not shocking.  And it’s not a sex-thing.  People aren’t walking around nakey all the time.  It’s just that less care is taken in circumstances to avoid the accidental observation.  497 more words

This probably hurt to take off

Jersey Shore, classy as always. They even took care to photoshop out her belly button!


I wonder why this photo was banned from Facebook?

This questionably attractive/unquestionably unintelligent woman is up in bubble bath arms that her photo was banned from Facebook. Take it as a compliment, sweetie. Also, serious overshare in putting up a photo of yourself in your bathfitter bathtub.


Kempwood naked cult

Just like in Feisco  its ok  to go nakey any where o sure it is. Go to bear creek

park and go bear its normal. Go around that track being naked. 18 more words