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Guys, I’m super excited right now, because I’m writing this while wearing my first ever (completed) handknit sweater!

First garment!

It fits!

Even though it spanned almost 6 months, my… 668 more words


Busier that a Beaver

Between traveling for Thanksgiving, report cards, parent/ teacher conferences, and household duties I have been busy, busy, busy. I swear the time between my birthday and New Year’s feels like a whirlwind. 382 more words

Getting Crafty

NaKniSweMo Vol. 5

Here is the long overdue photo of my completed November sweater!

In my last post I said I would give you photos of my completed O W L S sweater on Tuesday. 220 more words


WIPWed #75: New Wheel In The House

After a mildly soul-crushing shipping mishap last Wednesday which resulted in a delivery of whatever this thing is, instead of my wheel:

I finally received my brand new Lendrum DT! 771 more words


NaKniSweMo 2014 results

I’ve had this Paloma finished for about a week now, but it always takes a little time to get pictures, so my reporting of it is a bit delayed. 330 more words


NaKniSweMo Finish Line

You guys, I’m so busy that when I don’t need to be working on something important, my brain shuts off.  At that point, I need to zone out and work on something frivolous, or sleep like the dead, to wake up and do it all again.   103 more words

I've been bitten by the winter accessory knitting bug...

…and I mean really bitten by it.  I took advantage of the extra time this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend (which we observed while the rest of Peru continued about its normal business) to whip up a few new winter accessories (some to keep, some to give).  241 more words