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'Leg Day' Get the Look! Featuring Lilly Pulitzer 'Wade and Sea' Luxletic's & Nike Sneakers!

‘Leg Day’ is just one of many work-out looks I’ll start sharing! I think January and February are all about working on our New Year’s resolutions and getting that beach ready summer body!  42 more words


Confessions of a water bottle fanatic.

Ask anyone that knows me, I am obsessed with water bottles.

There is just something fun about getting a new water bottle, whether it be your favorite color, have your favorite team’s logo on it, or maybe your favorite saying. 371 more words


I'M DROWNING MY MOUTH! (And other New Year's Resolutions.)

Like most New Year resolutions, it starts with the best of intentions.

I’m going to be a winner this year, I’m going to be a better me.   425 more words

keep it clean

Hold up. Who have I become? Suds and fragrance have creeped their way back in my body care routine. There was that time I went no ‘poo… 413 more words


Nalgene Oasis canteens

Back when I was in the army, we were given water bottles for our skeleton battle order, or SBO. Those water bottles were normally passed down from recruit to recruit and so we really needed to clean them before we used them. 224 more words


Nalgene Stickers

I filled out the contact form on the Nalgenr website with my information. I received a reply two days later saying some stickers would be in the mail.   11 more words

My Favorite Gear

Is my gear the best? Highly unlikely. Do I love all of my belongings regardless? But of course. 1,223 more words