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Convenient Bottles That Hold My Suppliments

Yesterday I outlines the supplements I’m currently taking. Today, I’m talking about the awesome bottles I utilize to carry my liquids and shakes.

I have three types of bottles I carry around with me, well I actually only carry two and use the other every so often. 259 more words


Please find attached

Over a decade a go Michael Landy destroyed all of his possessions. Over a two week period, a total of 7,227 items, including Landy’s car and a jacket of his fathers were dismantled, smashed, pulped, and granulated. 731 more words


all accesories, no exercise

i don’t know how many times i’ve seen grossly out-of-shape people covered in shiny brand new work out clothes and shoes, drinking water from nalgene bottles, yet not even breaking a sweat. 404 more words

Cold Comfort

Since my medication was “adjusted” almost two weeks ago, my anxiety level has been out of control.
Seriously out of control. Like debilitatingly out of control. 498 more words


Outdoor Research Insulated Bottle Parka

This is a bit of a unique yet immeasurably useful item of kit that despite seeing minimal use in the field no doubt has huge potential for future trips, especially in places where the temperature is less than tropical! 292 more words

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Nalgene Tritan 1L Bottles

It’s pretty difficult to write a lot about an item so simple in its use, but I think these water bottles in particular deserve a bit of a positive light as they are, for what they’re worth, pretty awesome I think! 220 more words

Gear Reviews


If you’re like me, you’ve been frequenting the gym like a madwoman the past 2 weeks because your New Year’s Resolution is telling you to! For me, it’s been a little bit of a struggle but I’m already feeling better and am getting stronger each time I work out. 269 more words