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Such Sweet Memories

“I remember more about you than you realize,” the sweet lanky guy wrote to me in our later years, “and it is almost comical if it wasn’t so damn embarrassing how clumsy and immature I was. 162 more words


Läski-torstai, tanssia ja huutokauppaa

Otsikolla on ihan vissi merkitys, vaikka ei heti uskois. Tänään sain taas muistutuksen maailman tärkeistä juhlapäivistä. Puolassa vietetään tänään nimittäin Läski-torstaita. Jep. Uskokaa tai älkää, mutta täällä on tänään… 643 more words


Vertical Stacking of a Mid-Latitude Cyclone

A few weeks back, the east coast got slammed by a massive winter storm. I wanted to display the North American Mesoscale (NAM) forecast model output for the dynamics and temperatures for this system as it approached the mid-Atlantic. 395 more words


The Federal Cannabis Racket Exposed

The federal gov’t is in a real pickle with regard to cannabis.


They are rightfully perplexed at how to proceed in bowing out of their profiteering-racket that has been in place since 1970 (Controlled Substances Act) which deemed that cannabis has absolutely NO accepted medical use (a proven lie), is highly addictive (a proven lie), and highly prone to abuse (a proven lie.) 754 more words


Vietnam Vets Needed 

I am working on a photo project about Vietnam Vets and life after the war. I need Vietnam Vets for this project.

This project is very personal to me as my father was an army medic in Nam. 158 more words



100g thịt nạc vai

100g nấm rơm

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