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India's policy of Non alignment was based on both idealist and realist calculations.


Structure :

  1. Alignment /Main point in question —-> NAM is mix of both idealist and realist calculation; identify these theories in NAM.
  2. Give examples…
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Highlight the major features of NAM 2.0 document


Not written in detail,this is an old topic(2012) and unlikely to come in 2016.

Non Alignment has been the basic principle of India's foreign policy after independence. discuss its relevance in the contemporary context.


Structure of answer

  1. Alignment  / Understand what is asked —->  basic principle of India’s foreign policy after independence —> Explain How??
  2. Relevance FOR INDIA in contemporary context—-> First talk about why it has become…
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U.S. Manufacturers Need Immigration Certainty to Grow Economy

When President Barack Obama unveiled his Immigration Accountability Executive Actions in 2014, a measure supported by the National Association of Manufacturers, the media was focused on how the current administration’s immigration initiatives would affect the millions of undocumented workers. 484 more words