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Set it free  2•18•17

“There is conditional love….and unconditional love. One limits the mind, the other sets it free.” #love #feelings


30 Day Yoga Challenge- Day 26: Earth Practice, Total Body Yoga

Today I busted it out and I feel great getting back into the momentum of daily yoga!

Every day that I incorporate this practice I feel my body responding more and more. 110 more words


Weight loss check in: Week 7

Well not much to report. Haven’t gained or lost, I’m at a solid 158 lbs!

I haven’t been charting my calories lately and I know that as a result I’ve been going over my calorie goals. 112 more words

Honest Motherhood


Why does it seem like there is never enough time? Humans came up with ways to measure the patterns of Earth and it’s movement around the Sun and the end result is something we call time. 190 more words

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Days 24 & 25

So if any of you know me very well you’d know that my family here in Northern California was evacuated due to the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway failing. 159 more words

Hot Mess Mom

I'm back, baby!

So I’m just gonna throw it out there and apologise for going awol on you guys, I spent 6 months posting on the wrong blog (idiot!) Then decided to take a little breather whilst my hectic life whizzed by in what seemed like a few weeks. 533 more words

I’m taking a break from my typical travel post and writing about another one of my passions: Yoga!

I don’t remember my first ever yoga class, but I do remember when I fell in love with yoga.

788 more words