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Reaction Time

I doubt many of us will do the math on this but, have you ever wondered how much time is swallowed by your reaction to things passing through your orbit? 225 more words

Words Of Wisdom

"It'll be fun", they said...

While it’s not age appropriate for me to still call my wishlist a bucketlist (whoa granny!), and I’ve missed out on being part of generation Y by one year (and therefor deemed myself as generation L… et’s see what this button does), according to the world I am on schedule to be burned out. 695 more words


The Mirror

When I look in the mirror
Sometimes I see
An image I don’t always
Recognize as me.

When I look in the mirror
Sometimes I see… 257 more words


Creating a Yoga Flow: Part Two

In a recap of my 2018 goals, I am creating a Vinyasa yoga flow for myself that will grow weekly with a new asana. By the end of the year, I will have a 52-pose-long flow that will be a representation of my physical and spiritual growth. 209 more words

Yoga & Wellness

Simply Balanced - Mango Kombucha

If you don’t like kombucha but want to look like you do, this is the drink for you. Immediately, you can notice the unusually explosive effervescence of this drink. 135 more words


108 Sun Salutations? Are you mad?

You did HOW many? A gaggle of faces stunned into something. Horror? Pity? Pure, unadulterated admiration? Hard to tell. And this was just twenty-seven in. Sun salutations that is. 1,670 more words