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Retro Baseball Talk #5: The R.B.I./Famista Series Pt. 3 - Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium ’87, ’88, Famista ’89 Kaimaku Ban!!

Name: Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium ’87/’88/’89: Kaimaku Ban!!

Console: Famicom

Year: 1987/1988/1989

Developer: Namco

Publisher: Namcot

The early Famista timeline is a somewhat uninteresting one given that Namco essentially became a Famista mill. 1,131 more words


A short webcomic I made a year ago

So I made a short webcomic about Dig Dug, I found this while clearing some wasted space on my hard drive. So enjoy!

This does contain one panel of pixelated gory violence. 24 more words

Pac-Panic (パックアタック, Pac-Attack) (Game Boy) Review!

Tetris will always be a better option, but Pac-Panic is still a nice diversion.

 Addicting Puzzle mode  Careful presentation
 Lacks personality

Swap Pac-Panic’s falling ghosts with tetrominoes and you may think the game is trying to rip Tetris off; and it surely does. 205 more words


PCE Review #11: Barunba

Game: Barunba
Genre: Shoot ’em up
Developer: Namco/Zap Corp
Publisher: Namcot
Format: HuCard
Release date: 1990

There are a number of reasons to like this odd, side-scrolling shmup: Its box art is lovely (as is  208 more words

Three more PC Engine games I want to like, but can't

A few weeks ago, I published a post about three Namcot-made PC Engine games that I want to like but can’t. Well, here are three more such games–although, in this case, only one of them was produced by the folks responsible for  383 more words

Barunba the game may suck, but Barunba the manual does not

I’ve voiced my dissatisfaction with the gameplay featured in Namcot’s horizontal shmup, Barunba, before (in this post, for example), but what I haven’t expressed previously, as far as I’m aware, is my fondness for that much-maligned HuCard’s instruction manual. 342 more words