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My Twitter Policy

I’m well and truly fed up.

I try to cultivate a broad range of contacts, especially via Twitter. I follow a lot of accounts there, including a lot of folks that have ideas I find difficult – it’s one of the ways I learn and expand my horizons.  156 more words


The Troubling Trend to Label Christians as Bigots

      I’m troubled by the trend to brand Christians with derogatory labels – bigot, hater, racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe. This trend is even more concerning when we hear these terms used by political leaders who should know better. 527 more words


Oh, haters...

I just got my first nasty-gram from someone who disagrees with what I said about Ronda Rousey and that fight. They really felt strongly about the subject, that’s for sure. 120 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

A Most Ridiculous Mirror

…Love is reflected in love. – Mary Baker Eddy

What the heck is going on out there?! Several of my students are dealing with it right now. 494 more words

Christian Science

Why Are People So Quick To Judge?

So by now I am sure that many of you have seen the photo below, or some form of it, on social media. This particular post contains a suggestive caption that I find extremely  360 more words


Bully Proof your child...

Unfortunately we are now, in 2015, in an age where there is zero tolerance on bullying at school. I say unfortunately because it works both ways. 2,504 more words

Challenges Of The Day

Rauner Says He Will Send Emanuel Dead Fish After Budget Spat

CHICAGO (AP) – The public spat between Gov. Bruce Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reached a new level Friday, as the mayor said the Republican should stop name-calling and “do your job” and Rauner responded with plans to send the Democrat a “dead fish.” 429 more words