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Trump Calls Cruz a Cat

Seems people are up in arms over Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz a pussy. That’s not even the most offensive thing has ever said in public. 32 more words


Where It Begins

Life. It holds so many uncertainties. So many inequalities. So many injustices. As a human race we are a profound, complicated, and diverse people. Some are driven by power and riches. 754 more words

Verbal Denigration of Girls Begins Much Earlier Than We Admit or Acknowledge

*Warning: This post contains vulgar language… You know, the type of language women and girls are subjected to every day, several times a day.

Occasionally, women’s magazines, glossy journals and quirky BuzzFeed videos address the issue of gender-based harassment and violence against women using provocative imagery and devastating statistics that it sets concerned tongues wagging…for a while…until we all move on to the next thing. 1,786 more words


Dwayne's Corner Episode 3

What’s in a name? Why does name-calling seem to mean so much to us? How do you stop it from getting to you? Kolamide Dwayne talks about these issues and more in the third episode of Dwayne’s Corner. 6 more words


Mean people suck

It was a very unlikely source who pointed out to me that only a mean person would say, or sport a bumper sticker that reads, “mean people suck,” because you’d have to be mean to say someone else sucks. 97 more words

General Thoughts

Anti-Bullying for Small Children

I received this book ‘I am not dumb and I am not a Stinky Butt!’ by Joyce Knock in exchange for an honest review. This book helps small children understand that they do not have to allow another child to call them names nor believe those names are true. 60 more words


Shockingly, I am not a whore.

It takes an army to offend me so when I saw that my 10 Things Men Find Unattractive About Women post explode into the world, I was fully prepared for people to come out and rip me a new one with the use of words like… 734 more words