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Adam Levine Called His Wife What?

Ladies, how would you feel if your man called you “the baddest b****h” out there?

Well Adam Levine posted the sweetest message to his wife Behati Prisloo & named her “the baddest b****h” which poses the question is that appropriate? 51 more words


American Divides. (#1)

TED posted an interesting article (link) about the Red/Blue divide in America, the fallacy of said divide, and why we, as a people, need to move beyond these political set-ups in order to create a nation more of us can be content with.   605 more words

American Politics

Respect the Office

I totally and completely disagreed with almost everything President Obama did during his Presidency. The lies, the scandals, the policies, the bills passed, the Executive Orders, his stance on Abortion, his constant partying with elite disconnected celebrities……nearly everything he did made me cringe. 522 more words


new wine (annotated)

by Jeff Rainwater, 24 April 2017, Cheyenne, WY

you will say
I am,
and other names
may follow.
Crazy! 493 more words


Most car crashes caused by cellular phone usage?

I saw an item on a Facebook group where the general meme was that everyone knows cellular phone usage while driving is the cause of most vehicle crashes. 553 more words

If you can't say something nice...

…don’t say anything at all. This is one of the first lessons most people learn as preschoolers. If they continued to say negative things about others, there were usually consequences, like a timeout or their favourite toy was taken away.  458 more words

Unruly Owners

Name-Calling, the Act of Shaming, and Manipulation

You know I like to talk about the controversial topics, and why not? It’s good for us to think deeper, dig deeper, and try to understand one another better and what makes us all… 707 more words