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Five Things Friday- The Random Slutty Baby Infestation Edition

  1. My mother once called me a skank

Ok, maybe not in quite so many words, but I swear that was the take home message. It was during university and after going out on a date with yet another older electrician that I met at the local bar, I commented to my mother that there were a lot of tradesmen who frequented the establishment. 696 more words


I Need A Redneck


Sometimes, I believe it would’ve been wise for me to have taken a mechanic’s course when I was younger.  Car trouble for a single lady can sometimes be a frustrating thing.  497 more words

A Claim for Inheritance of Earth and Resume. What's in a Title?

Prism Disperse;

Here I am,

I am who I am.

Do not put a label on me and I will not on you. I am ever changing, flowing and influx with the river of time. 872 more words


Already tired of the name calling...!

Yesterday I posted a political post on my Facebook wall. I know I should keep my opinions to myself but, I was responding to all the vague generalizations and name calling that goes on in an election year. 596 more words


N Word

My kids were raised in a tiny mountain town in Colorado. I’d bring them to the Gulf Coast to visit yearly. One visit, we ran into one of Dad’s old friends. 412 more words

Newspeak Is Alive, Well, And The Norm Today

Have you noticed how some people get mad if you have a different opinion than they have? They just can’t say, “Well I disagree.” They say instead “You’re intolerant.” It’s remarkably like George Orwell’s “Newspeak”. 451 more words