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One Anothering

My husband and I got into an argument early this morning. Which, in all honesty, is an uncommon, even a rare thing for us. We both had had a long night for different reasons, both feeling tired and some stress. 403 more words

What Life Has Taught Me

Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself, Gaybo?

By Zachary Stevens

An open letter to Billy, the Boy Who Hits Himself

Lately I have been pondering a question. A devastating question. One that has shook the very foundation of my being. 172 more words


It's an old fashion rant!

I know, I am stepping out on a limb here and maybe I will get some kind of education here, and yet I can not move on and do the things required without getting this off my chest, out of my mind, and move forward with other wonderful things! 323 more words


How Do I Define Myself?

How Do I Define Myself?

How do we go about deciding who and what we are? Where does this start and how do we change ourselves with age and learning? 1,663 more words

Standing on a Soapbox

Does it bother anyone else that presidential hopefuls begin their rhetoric two years before the election in November 2016? 

This morning I got up early when the house was quiet. 2,103 more words

Getting To The Truth

Name Calling: Lets STOP...and Move On!

To start off (I always need some sort of disclaimer/ word in or else I get angry at what I type), name calling is such a childish thing to do, yet a major part part of society, especially as a young adult. 574 more words


Calling Names Does Hurt!

 How Dare You!

What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?


I’ve been called a lot of names in my 68 years.   374 more words

Daily Prompt