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My thoughts never run on a straight track. They bounce around willy-nilly and at random but they also seem to operate on a continuous loop. … 754 more words

Surviving Child Abuse


I do hate name calling, in fact labels in general, but it happens and schools are a breeding ground for bullying and name calling.

Apparently, my Mum as a child back in the 1930s was not so creatively nicknamed “Wooden leggy” and while sent out of the classroom, right out of into the playground, she used a stick full of tar from the hot road to carefully write her quite long proper name, just under a sandstone window ledge.   43 more words


Day of Silence: Time for Reflection

The National Day of Silence is a movement that brings to attention the silence that LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) people and their allies face because of bullying, harrassment, and name-calling. 405 more words

Atheist / Christian Debate Thread

I’ve copied parts of a discussion from a You Tube video that was a debate between Dr. Bart Ehrman, and Dr. William Lane Craig on the itinerant quality of Biblical Scriptures.   1,111 more words


An Emotional Response Pt. 2

When I wrote the first post about responding emotional, I started to think about this. The more I thought about it the more I see how it affects us as humans. 486 more words

My Faith & Belief

I'm Not Abused, Really

Abuse is about being broken. It’s about seeing things askew. It’s like trying to put on your morning makeup while using a mirror from the fun house carnival. 311 more words


Bud 2

I just realised that I never did update on what happened about Maxi Minx being called names at school. Forgive me – I’m in the middle of 5 birthdays and as many teaching workshops, as well as all the standard gubbins, so I’ve not been writing much at all. 690 more words

The Things Kids Say