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Romney Politicking to be Secretary of State -- Trump Should Send Him Packing

Donald Trump wasted no time in beginning to select his team to replace the Obama-bots heading departments, agencies, and the White House.  Amidst all of this, the Democrats are seeking an election recount with the electoral college vote still outstanding until December 19th.  1,885 more words

Dancing Out Loud: Name Calling

​If we cared less about most things, the world would be more peaceful.

Maybe we haven’t figured out what’s said in other Classes of Kingdom Animalia (our relatives), but I can’t imagine a baboon going around saying to an Impala, “dude, you are a giraffe”! 87 more words

Dancing, Thinking Out Loud.

shhh...I have a secret

I’m saddened by the recent news story of the sport guys who have told their harrowing tales of abuse when they were younger. And it’s reminded me of the awful things that happened to so many innocent and vulnerable young lives of those abused by people in power and those with celebrity status. 728 more words

Let's Raise the Level of Debate in this Country

It’s become increasing popular in this country to knock down the politician you don’t like – and the people who support that person – with personal attacks. 375 more words


Stigmatizing People Through Name Calling

A stigma is “a strong feeling of disapproval that most people in a society have about something.”1 To stigmatize someone is to “describe or regard as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval.”2 Stigmatization is a means to control human behavior. 817 more words



the fuck up, you fat 

Dawn Huffman-Published on Jun 19, 2016-Come and join rebelposts and talk. Let’s see who’s really innocent. Who’s telling the truth. 19 more words

Deaf Cyberbullies