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Gianna Evolves

Everyone is born on a level playing field; beautifully ignorant to color, race, creed and anything that separates us into classes. I realized at a young age that I belonged in a class that many didn’t; a class of people born with Albinism. 581 more words


#Feelthebern (but not the supporters!)

I’ve not made it a secret that I’m a Bernie supporter #feelthebern. But my gosh I can’t say that I’m a Bernie supporter supporter. (Dear friends and relatives excluded of course. 674 more words


Overworking workers will overstress and overload them causing great dissatisfaction. At the other extreme not giving workers enough work or responsibilities will bore and demotivate them in the workplace and they may start looking for a new job. 261 more words

Common Sense


The hashtag #maybehedoesnthityou is lighting up Twitter and was quite the story last week.  What an amazing way to bring attention to the realities of Intimate Partner Violence.   416 more words

Domestic Violence

World is going downhill fast

So, I got into a heated discussion with some local idiots on my towns Facebook group. Had several people tell me I’m ignorant because I don’t believe in what they believe in. 813 more words

A Note to Society

Words. Words are used to communicate, to explain, to interpret. Words. They can be long, short, abbreviations. Words. Words are powerful, useful, meaningful. Words make up languages, dialect, songs, poetry, writing. 342 more words


Measures and Weights, Wait...What?

I have struggled with my weight all of my life.  I swear I have the biggest sweet/fat tooth of anyone I know.  I love carbs and sugars in most any form.   662 more words