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Mega Trigger for me

I struggled with reading as a child.  I also had a really lousy teacher and almost every student in that class had a major set back.  348 more words


Kids say the darnedest things...

When you have 4 little ears running around the place, always open, always listening for things they shouldn’t hear, you learn to do one of two things. 247 more words

On Name Calling

Truth:  Politically speaking, I consider myself to be progressive.  Right now, it seems those with similar political views are having a hard time figuring out how to respond to the president. 376 more words


The blessings and curses of name calling

“To all God’s beloved, who are called to be saints.” Romans 1:7

In the wake of the London stabbings a Yemeni Muslim, Tam, living in London posted  1,002 more words


Trump Wants to Kill Free Press

Donald Trump just gave cable TV show “Morning Joe” a wonderful free piece of publicity. The program hit an all-time high passing more than one million viewers for the first time ever in May and beat CNN’s third-place “New Day” for the 27th straight month, the program’s best streak ever. 261 more words


Calling a Woman a "Skank": The Spectacular Spider-Man

Although never directly stated, an important subject in The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 No. 16 is whether or not a woman should dress modestly in public.1 The Insect Queen wears revealing clothing: a low-cut black dress that exposes more than half of her breasts.2 In response, Spider-Man calls her a “skank.”3 One theme in the story is that if a woman wears clothing that violates public standards of modesty, people have the right to call her a stigmatizing name. 580 more words


What about Free Speech?

I’ve just returned from China where a colleague in Hefei had his final exam censored. The school contended that the readings on the exam were “too dark” and they objected a reading where a character exclaims “Oh, my God!” since there should be no religion in a class. 292 more words

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