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Something to Think About... Plug N Plays

Name calling at its Worst?

Everybody knows the Plug N Plays and pretty much everyone grew up wanting one for their birthday. Maybe you saw them on the store shelves at Walmart or Target; Pac-Man, Namco 6-1 Games, Batman. 884 more words


Stop Calling Me 'Miss Priss'! - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Spring has returned, and the days have been lovely and cool…

Tiger:     Halt! Stop! Enough! Too much! 174 more words

We shouldn't assume that we know other people's motives and character based on limited data (and it's almost always limited)

I have a long and very important letter to write today (I haven’t been this nervous about writing something since college), so I’m going to keep this relatively short, but I did want to write something, at least.  861 more words


Dear Bullies, You Were Wrong All This Time

“Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter…”-Anonymous

I recently came across a post by Chelsea Owens about her feet. I left a comment saying how I am also pigeon-toed and knock-kneed, making me a target of bullies as I grew up. 238 more words

Thoughts And Notions

What Civil Discourse?

I thought I’d miss Face Book. I don’t. I miss the photos and messages from friends and family far away. But Face Book? Nah.

I thought I’d be looking for the app on my phone—I deleted it. 413 more words

Deactivating Face Book

Knock-Kneed and Pigeon-Toed

I could accept being made fun for the things that were my fault. But it felt horrible to be called names for things I had no control over. 675 more words


There's Always Only One Side to Every Story

Have you ever noticed that there’s only one side to every story?  I know the old adage says it differently… something about “two sides.”  But, it’s been my experience that there’s always only one.  666 more words