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Russ Parr: Name Game

Sometimes its best to NOT act COCKY when playing the “name game” or Supa Ken may getcha.

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Russ Parr

How to Teach Your Dog to Work With Distractions

This week’s video is a little different (vlog style). Come with me on one of my training walks and see how I work my own dogs around distractions.

How To

Let's Play The Name Game!

Hey there! Today I’ve got something fun for all you wonderful folks.

It’s a game! Yay! (Don’t you just feel so grown up?)

Here’s how it goes; I’m going to give you a quote from a movie, book, or TV show. 138 more words


Listen To Russ Parr's Name Game

Every morning someone tries to beat Russ at the Name Game. Check out one of today’s losers from right here in NC.

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Russ Parr

The Name Game - Is It Important?

Let me start by answering the question above.  Yes, the name game in training a dog is extremely important.  This is always the first command I work on before moving on to any other command.  233 more words


Appendix D - Activities

How well do you know your students? Here are some simple activities to find out.

Student List

Write a list of the names of all of your students from memory. 681 more words

Surfing The Tidal Wave: Notes For New & Tired Teachers