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The Baby Name Game

Naming a child ain’t easy. There are so many ridiculous things to take into consideration. To name a few:

  • Does the name rhyme with fart, fat, whale, skunk, pig, or anything else the kids will pick up on the playground.
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She's Becoming Domestic

A blog has a name....

‘What’s in a name?’
‘First impression’, she replied.
‘Umm, do we have anything like last impression?’

Could not understand the meaning(or hidden meaning?) 6 years back on a rain-drenched dusky day with brown sky leaving its impression on the brown coffee in the… 274 more words

Name Game

Week 1, Day 1: Welcome to Makers!

First Day!

Today was my first day of the main course at Makers Academy.  For the nervous ones (myself included) it was a day full of ice breakers so… 487 more words

But...I AM a mom.

Girl 1: Oh my God, I look like a mom.
Me: Woah! I take offense to that statement. I take a lot of offense to that statement.

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Student Responses

The Name Game

What’s in a Name?

How in the world could I rack my brain for hours to come up with a name for my blog?  I mean, I have learned a lot in my 40 something years about a lot of different things but I want this to be about family, business, love, passion, struggles…… I want this to be about LIFE! 76 more words


The Royal's Treasure

Q  uiver of everlasting arrows

U  nder the waist of a brave queen

E   mbodiment of her determined spirit

E   mbracing the adventure of tomorrow… 118 more words

English Writings

Travel Fail: Britney Bites Back in Vegas

So back in 2013, some work friends, the Mrs and I headed to Vegas for fun, frolics and foolery. We had a blast. We tried out our American accents and used them to mingle with locals and barmen on every occasion. 617 more words

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