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Name game.

I wanted to name our son Sherlock.

Noah said no.

(Sorry. Not every post can be well thought out and meaningful.)

Episodes 19-20

19.  Let the Games Begin                                       Saturday, March 1, 2014
Shelley and Emma work on the registry for the babies! Shelley can’t believe in just over 3 months (due date June 12), she will have two babies!!!  653 more words

Season 1

Amnesiac Head Case

Ouch! Where am I? My head hurts, and the room won’t stop spinning. There are memories in my skull! I can feel ’em crawling around in there…somewhere…what was I saying…right! 243 more words

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Red green and blue

Or all the colors in the rainbow

Still you are the brightest of them all

And of all the flavors in the bakery… 32 more words

English Writings

The Sweetest Wishes

May your life full of joy

And blessed everlasting always

Rising constantly like the eagles

Climbing even the highest obstacle

Every time you throw a smile… 110 more words

English Writings