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Boy Harsher - Rope Sect - Carla dal Forno

Boy Harsher – Country Girl ( Ascetic House)

Γραμμές φώτων στη χάση της νύχτας δίνουν τον ρυθμό στα χτυπήματα των δαχτύλων πάνω στο τιμόνι. Εν μέσω μοναχικών διαδρομών, το ράδιο επιτέλους παίζει κάτι που κολλά στη φευγαλέα στιγμή και στον κολλημένο εγκέφαλο. 126 more words


Kauan - Sorni Nai

“Sorni Nai was my introduction to Kauan.
I believe that it has been one of the most impactful albums to me in a long time.

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Good and Free electronic tracks: Vision of Colour and Patrick Muschweck

It’s always nice when there are interesting and talented artists  who decide to promote their music making it available for free and at high quality. In this respect, … 179 more words


Asaf Sirkis - Full Moon

“Absolutely phenomenal drumming,
I haven’t before heard a drummer so clearly as a soloist as in this big collection. Much of the time, the bassist maintains rhythm while Sirkis works his intricate riffs.

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Name Your Price

Deadhorse - Crescendo

“This is a different kind of album for us.
You are not going to find songs that are full bodied and overflowing with content.
There is a time and a place for that, but not here.

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Name Your Price

Cold Reading - Fractures & Fragments

“Switzerland quartet Cold Reading
aren’t like other emo bands.
For starters, they smile in all their promo shots. Secondly, their brand of emo – while carrying many of the emotionally-wrought hallmarks laid down by their 90s predecessors – repositions the genre to carry a gentle optimism at its core.

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Rodrigo San Martín - The Veil is Broken (I-IV)

“Any prog band can make a concept album.
Especially ambitious outfits may do a double concept album.

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