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Serdce - Timelessness

As far as progressive metal goes, this is about as progressive as it gets, without being completely chaotic just for the sake of being chaotic. Avante-garde, experimental death metal, for free. 21 more words


Aseitas - Aseitas

I don’t know how to describe this one. Free would be a good start. This one is Name Your Price on Bandcamp. Beyond that, weighty is a good word. 37 more words


Sectioned - Annihilated

Relentless sonic onslaught. I don’t know how else to describe this barely controlled chaos. Oh, and it’s free. Name your price on Bandcamp, but give them a little for their efforts.


Woechanter - Woechanter

Free on bandcamp. Need I say more? Yes, I do. This is only 4 songs, 21:37 long. Blackened Death Metal with a little doom mixed in at times. 24 more words


Tetrafusion - Dreaming of Sleep

Here we have my first installment in the “name your price” (ie free) tag. It’s amazing to me how much free music can be had on Bandcamp. 94 more words


[ B O L T ] - ( 04 ) (name your price/dunk records)

Δύση του ήλιου στον καλιφορνέζικο ορίζοντα. Το φως δεν έχει χαθεί, αργοσβήνει. Ήσυχο τοπίο, με έντονα χρώματα να εμφανίζονται, απαλείφοντας σταδιακά τα φυσικά χρώματα του τοπίου.


Estas Tonne - Internal Flight 2013 (guitar version)

“No words.
Listening to the music of Estas is like listening to an infamous score to an Academy Award winning movie.

75 more words
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