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Sister, Mother

I know I’m not your favorite
I don’t blame you for loving her more
She didn’t have time to be tainted
By the man who ruined you… 178 more words

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Behind the Name

When I decided to start a blog, I was thinking of making it anonymous for the time being. Therefore, I needed a page name that meant something. 146 more words


Looking for the Perfect Baby Name? Check Out These Trending Baby Names

Summer is the most popular season for birthdays, which means that if you’re a soon-to-be mom, you’re probably thinking about possible baby names now. Since the name you choose for your baby can have… 157 more words


What's in a Name? - The Story behind my Blog's title.

It is the first and foremost thing we judge everything around us by. If you met someone by a name that was long enough to be it’s own sentence, wouldn’t that catch your attention? 327 more words

My Obsessions

Mrs.... ?

One of the questions that comes up occasionally when people find out you are engaged is ‘will you change you name?’ It’s understandable. In today’s society it cannot be assumed that a wife would automatically change her surname to match her husband’s. 438 more words

Here Comes The Bride

Change network interfaces to old eth0 naming

You may noticed that network cards in new Linux have a new naming schema that will looks like eno1236558 or ens 3365777 , and you may don’t feel comfortable with that, the good news that you can get back old naming to eth0 , eth1 , … , let’s do it. 124 more words