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You Can Call Me Robs

Robs, in other words –
robso like fatso
robbo like hobo
robbi like bobbi
robsy like fartsy
robbay like bombay
robblo like pablo
robboo like taboo… 6 more words


More investment than shown

She fed the beast raw meat, because as far as Toiréasa was concerned, the Gévaudan hound was like a dog. At least, in some ways. There were few similarities she would actually make, but when it came to parts of the care of the hound, she treated the bitch like any other dog. 94 more words


How to deal with papers on which Allaah’s name is mentioned

Praise be to Allaah.

These papers on which Allah,s name is mentioned should be kept and protected against being handled with disrespect until you have finished with them. 48 more words


Beautiful Names With Meaning

  • DAENERYS (Duh-NAIR-iss)

Meaning: Great lord (Korean and welsh)


Meaning: Defender of men (Greek)

  • ARYA

Meaning: noble (Sanskrit)

  • AEMON 

Meaning: the hidden one (Egyption)


Name Trauma (help me plz)

So I’m a fool… because I only just now realized that my bog name “A Little Vegan” is extreeemely similar to another, vastly more established and successful blog called “I’m a Little Vegan”.    224 more words



I’d given her so many pet names over the years and she’d always abided. Honey lamb, sweetie, pudding-pop, baby, sugarplum, kitten. My lover, my partner, my friend, in the end they were only labels, poorly indicative descriptors for their innards, simply something to write out and slap over minor misconceptions we both agreed on. 45 more words


I am not Doctor

Since I graduated from medical school, I have traded in my given name for the title- doctor. Practically no one calls me by my given name anymore. 421 more words