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Public criticism

I came across an article about media and the game of climate change denialism. The basic message is that the media should better reflect the nuances in the climate change debate and should avoid presenting it as a debate between two extremes. 649 more words

Climate Change

Propaganda Poster

Why was my book banned?

    Why Was my Book Banned?

The Lord of The Flies an extraordinary novel written by William Golding, a bildungsroman… 1,527 more words


Don't call people names and expect to win.

When you call someone racist, and they know they’re not racist, then the word ceases to have meaning.

When you call someone sexist, and they know they’re not sexist, then the word ceases to have meaning. 98 more words


Labels can Hurt


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Of all the hurtful, demeaning names we –far too often—cast at our children, this seems to me to be one of the most hurtful, and one that follows a child into adulthood. 297 more words

Daily Prompt

Bullying in school age children : Part 1

September 2016

When I started to discuss about writing an article on bullying, the concerns came pouring in from fellow educators and parents of school going children. 880 more words



I would hear the N-word in old period piece movies referring to blacks and slaves. I fully understood the word in this context. It was a word that people in power positions would use to degrade others and it was meant to be hurtful and negative. 1,115 more words

Growing Up Mixed


She’s a slut?
But, not when she’s sleeping with you
She’s cheap?
Not when you want to show her off
She’s easy?
Don’t forget you looked at her first… 145 more words