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UK Police Investigate “Name Calling Between Children” as Violent Crime Surges — Infowars

Shares 406UK police are investigating incidents of “name calling between children” even as the country’s actual violent crime rate continues to surge.According to Sgt. Peter Allan, whose Twitter bio describes him as a, “Sussex Hate Crime Sgt…

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scissor his hair
with fingers
from the hand
of your longer

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it learned to read by being called every name in the book and it wrote eulogies for the children of getaway drivers and it knew nail as the light bulb of a dream journal and it did not know which palm print went with which birthmark on its mother’s vision board and it had its hair pulled out in a cornfield by a boy / god was too / young to have



A gunshot


Another gunshot


To the head


To the heart


Waste of space



Words thrown

Just like the gunshots fired

Defining Myself Without Fear

Photo by Amy Paulson Photography

I’ve never been one for confrontation. My need for inner and communal harmony is pretty high, so you can imagine that with the current dividedness of our country, and the ongoing pain of learning about my native ancestors’ struggle over what we call… 769 more words