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it learned to read by being called every name in the book and it wrote eulogies for the children of getaway drivers and it knew nail as the light bulb of a dream journal and it did not know which palm print went with which birthmark on its mother’s vision board and it had its hair pulled out in a cornfield by a boy / god was too / young to have



A gunshot


Another gunshot


To the head


To the heart


Waste of space



Words thrown

Just like the gunshots fired

Defining Myself Without Fear

Photo by Amy Paulson Photography

I’ve never been one for confrontation. My need for inner and communal harmony is pretty high, so you can imagine that with the current dividedness of our country, and the ongoing pain of learning about my native ancestors’ struggle over what we call… 769 more words


blood comes to me from a country of dry-humped trees. brother

as a ghost
with a snakeskin
kite. eye

after killing
the camera.

Zack P. Morris being prejudiced and disrespectful toward

This comment was made by
Zack P. Morris under the cover of username kaboom (cowardly of him, eh?!!) at Th3Harold’s former website, Rebelposts. 

Calling the truck drivers who happens to be good people, members of KKK?!! 14 more words

Deaf Cyberbullies

Trans Tots: Is It Time for Moms to Start Speaking Up for These Kids?

I am a concerned mom of a three and a five-year-old and I am writing this in an effort to find other people, maybe other moms, who have the same concerns I do but, like I have been, are afraid to say anything.   1,540 more words


Labels Are Lazy


We are a country divided. There is no doubt about it. However, we do not have to be a hateful country.

After the election, I tried to post issues, mostly about bills that were being submitted to the U. 399 more words

Self Improvement