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Who is Elohim? Part 3

Welcome Back!

In our previous explorations, Part 1 and Part 2, we learned that the word Elohim is used to describe humans with supernatural abilities… 413 more words

What Do You Call Him?

Understanding the names of God helps us to relate to Him as the dynamic being that He is because every name of God expresses some aspect of the attributes of God.   55 more words

Special Needs

El Shaddai-He is All-Sufficient!

His Name is El Shaddai—Almighty God—The All-Sufficient One!


My Advanced Dictionary and Thesaurus defines the word ‘able’ as (usually followed by ‘to’) having the necessary means or skill, know-how or authority to do something . 996 more words

Who is Elohim? Part 2.

Continued from Who is Elohim? Part 1.

Are you ready for this?

Last post, we learned about how Elohim is used to describe human beings exhibiting supernatural, or divine, characteristics. 701 more words


Jehovah Rophe- The Healer

Yahweh (Hebrew) transliterated as Jehovah- the existing One; to exist/ to be (past, present & future); to become known

Rophe/ Rapha (Hebrew)- to heal; to restore; to make healthful… 346 more words


Who is Elohim? Part 1.

To start our exploration of God and faith, I decided to take us to the very beginning. God introduces Himself in the very first verse of the very first book of the Bible. 511 more words


I Have A Secret!

By Linda K. Bridges for Blog Series: What’s in A Name Anyway?

I have a secret! (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone else.)

I hate flying!

It’s crazy–I know. 1,084 more words

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