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Lord, do you see me?

Do you sometimes feel that there is so much going on in this world, so much going on around you that you wonder – does anyone see what I am going through?  340 more words

Names Of God

Abiding Peace in El Elyon - God Most High

God is watching over every event of our lives.  God does not miss anything.

Again, I go back to Joseph – Genesis 45 – 50… 577 more words

Names Of God

The Names of God

Anyone who has grown up in the Church will have probably heard some variations of God’s names at some time or another. I remember many times when I was sitting in service as a kid and someone got up to pray and used all sorts of foreign-sounding names to emphasize whatever they were praying for. 1,031 more words


Valentine Petals

So today is Valentine’s Day and I am sure I  come across as the kind of wife who has rose petals strewn all over the bed and floor for when my husband comes home from work…. 546 more words

Names Of God

Time of my Life...

I’ve been reading through a book about the names of God in the Bible for a couple months now. The book should have been done in one month, but, for possibly the first time in my life, I’m not just reading through this devotional book to complete it. 665 more words

El Elyon - God Most High: Sovereign God Who rules and Reigns over all.

What/Who can bring strength when circumstances and situations we face are a struggle, hit from out of nowhere, and hard to understand?

Again, knowing God’s Name… 505 more words

Names Of God

Why what we call God matters

Throughout our look at who God is, we’ve kept coming back to the point that what we believe affects how we live. This means that when we talk about The Doctrine of the Trinity, belief that God is Sovereign or the question of Predestination, we’ve not just been engaging in an intellectual exercise. 822 more words

Doctrine Of God