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Another round of This Or That, still with girl names.

OK, so because as I mentioned today, we have a holiday in Poland, let’s have some fun with the new round of this or that I’ve just made up, as always, if you’re willing to participate, just leave me your choices in the comments, and feel free to add your opinions on names if you feel like it, you can also make a response to this post on your own blog if you wish so, and you’ll find my answers and opinions after the list of names. 786 more words


What's in a name?

Everything. Everything starts with the name.

Have you ever asked someone their name and wondered why they had a certain name? Have you ever been shy to tell your name to someone? 473 more words


Question of the day.

Have you ever known anyone who named their child after a place?

My answer:

I must have known some name nerds whodid that, I am sure, but I can’t recall anyone at the moment. 143 more words


Baby Names: Disease Edition

Medical conditions that would actually make great baby names in the absence of their conventional meaning:

So cute she’ll probably make your heart flutter. 157 more words


what's in a name

“That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet” -William Shakespeare 

The business of finding a name is more difficult than one can imagine.

442 more words

What’s In a NAME?

What’s In a NAME?


A Girl’s Lament in her Search for a Suitable Partner


Ladies, I’m thinking,
of marrying soon,
But very few men
Would cause me to swoon. 264 more words