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Why Did You Choose Your Dogs Name?

What’s in a name?

My family has always had dogs; and I’m not talking just my parents…My entire extended family are what you would consider “dog people.” With all of the canines have come many names, each with a story behind them. 697 more words


May, too

Today I have a story about May, and how she learned – again! – to say her own name.

When I met her, May lived in a nursing home. 608 more words



This is long. And personal.

My name was Natasha. Is. Was.

Years ago, I sat in the office of the psychiatrist who had the misfortune of being assigned to me at the Fulham Gender Clinic, and searched the great, empty attic of myself for the reason I thought I should really be a man. 706 more words


The Important Things.....

About 10 years ago I set up a soap business on Etsy and as I was setting it up, I realized I not only did not have a business name, but I knew very little about how to set up a business, how to run a business, or even how to maintain it.   1,186 more words


Apple's marketing chief reveals you've been saying its product names all wrong

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

You’ve been saying the name of just about every single Apple product all wrong.

That’s according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s global head of marketing — someone who should know. 301 more words


Ellen Fapper being against masturbation! / Dragons in the glass and FB stickers!

Ellen Fapper is a Christian against masturbation?!

Holy shit! There’s a dragon in the glass!

Facebook stickers: Riding a dragon!


Subaru Natsuki - onamae wa?


Today we’ll start all the way from the zero! Wait. Does that mean we will go back to our first post on Katsuhira-kun from Kiznaiver? 1,712 more words