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Southern Belle: A story for Dani

This is a fictional short story with just a few readers in mind. Anyone who knows about Dani’s book blog will be aware of the interaction in the comments there, and how the names of some characters in modern novels never fail to make me crack up laughing. 976 more words


Comment: With a rumored new iPhone lineup, it’s time for new names

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

I’ve commented before on Apple’s rather messy iPhone lineup. The company currently sells the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. 546 more words


What's In a Name?

Finding a name for a character can fall into place like a drop of rain, inevitable but surprising. Others require you to hunt for half an hour through mythology and convention to find the perfect choice. 345 more words


Wine is Fine Anytime...until the next morning

Hello our departed sisters,  Madame Librarian and I (Maraschino) went out for over due dinner, drinkies, and chats last night.  We went to Cambridge 1 (sad news: they don’t have the cheesy bread sticks anymore!) We finished our first bottle of Malbec by 6:30 and we couldn’t go home at 6:30! 91 more words


Prostitution of Their Names

Is it too much to call you a pimp?

Are my crass words hitting too close to home?

Maybe, not like your actions are illegal, 246 more words

My Thoughts...


Bek is an English boy’s name that means “brook” or “stream”. I’ve been wanting to start Kerouac-ing it up to get all my thoughts out but never sat down to actually do it. 383 more words


New Farm Additions

Today we had two new additions to our farm, and I am on cloud 9! They are so adorable.

It’s twins – A new baby boy and baby girl. 318 more words