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Today's Thought: The Invited Name

Praying the Names of God: by inviting his followers to call God “Father,” he made this the primary name by which God is to be known to his followers

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Today's Thought: The Full Revelation

Praying the Names of God: Though the Old Testament provides many rich names and titles for God, the New Testament reveals him most fully

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Dimitrius Dimitrius wherefore art thou Dimitrius?

First issue is where might Dimitrius be? Greece is a bloody big country with god knows how many fishing villages, where do you even start?  Hmm, trying to work this out logically (as obviously this is the most logical tale in the world)  I figure it might be helpful to work out where you would find the most Dimitriuses (Dimitri-i?) so I do what anyone does when they don’t know the answer to something and ask Google. 233 more words

How we became the Wildes

I never liked my last name. “Papke” reminded me of Pap Smear so every time I heard or saw my full name I just thought VAGINA. 543 more words

The Pokémon Company Is Changing Player Names On Pokkén Tournament Streams

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno earned his second straight championship belt for Pokkén Tournament at this past weekend’s Community Effort Orlando. You might not have known that, even if you watched the steam, because the commentators and the on-screen overlay referred to him by a slightly different name. 906 more words



I’m usually pretty good with names, except when I’m meeting people in a large group setting. There are just too many people, and introductions go by so fast. 9 more words


Don't Use Real Names in Your Writing!

I know that it’s very tempting to use real people in your books, and if it’s veiled well enough, there’s no  problem with it. But when you include real names of friends, family, or fans that you want to reward…don’t…just don’t… 605 more words