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Expectant Chronicles: The Name Game

We thought we had it figured out.

And then we weren’t sure.

Many months ago, after I first saw that unbelievable, yet unmistakable second line on the pregnancy test, after I offered Dude a small gift bag for Valentine’s Day containing pee-on-a-stick, we had brainstormed. 702 more words


Guest Post - How do you pronounce that?

At the mall this morning I walked into a shop, where the clerk behind the counter was speaking on the phone. Her name, according to her name tag, is Theresa Thomas. 324 more words


Prompts Tuesday: On Names and Nicknames

The amazing LAF is responsible for today’s prompt when she wrote about names the other day. I responded to her post with my parents “story” about my name. 686 more words

Emily - #62

Emily - The first time your eyes truly focus and the world appears before you in all it’s clarity, all it’s overwhelming colour and splendor that you wish you could bottle and keep beside your bed to stare at as you fall asleep. 34 more words


Your Daily Dose of Awesome, 3/3/15 edition

Let’s be awesome. Now.

When cashiers open up new check-out lanes at the grocery store

There are three People You Don’t Want To Stand Behind in the grocery line: 445 more words


"Sticks'n'Stones - Remember this?

Do you remember the mantra,“Sticks’n’Stones may break my bones, but names may never hurt me”?
When you told Mum you were upset, because someone at school had been teasing you, she would teach you to play this in your head!! 893 more words