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Cafe #1

One more late post today. I was supposed to post yesterday. It’ll get back on track from next week on. :) Because that’s when one of my more major exams will be over. 428 more words

Third Person Writing

Graduation Card

Hope you had a good Saturday. Just got back from a beautiful wedding of two people who are truly made for each other.

I have enclosed a card that I made for a special friend’s daughter who graduated this year. 168 more words

What's a patronymic?

about patronymics, what happens if no one knows the father’s name, or there isn’t a father? do they use a form of the mother’s name? grandfather’s name? 527 more words


What's a Russian nickname?

this is a fabulously enjoyable post. i want to hug it.

please do talk about russian nicknaming conventions bc i feel in my heart that such there is much delicious linguistic nonsense to be unraveled? 2,172 more words


What's a Russian name?

i don’t know if you know the answer, but if you do, would you mind explaining why some Russian names are always transliterated the same way (like Никита to Nikita), but some very much aren’t? 2,097 more words



It started with Kerouac.

The clean cut of his jackknife name.

It turned into a game, between my poets

and I. Caught their syllables on my tongue, 145 more words

When Your Middle Name is Modem, and You’re Cool With It

What’s in a name? Ancestry, of course. But often there’s a whole lot more. Eleven people discuss the history of their names.

Published: June 23, 2018 at 05:30AM… 71 more words