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elusive inspiration

I will be talking more about what inspires me in the future of this blog, because there are a lot of wonderful things out there that fills this creative mind of mine right up.  144 more words


Today's Thought: Bread & Butter

Praying the Names of God: Psalm 91 is one of those bread-and-­butter psalms that I keep coming back to whenever I need to feed on God’s Word.

Daily Thoughts

The Meaning of Words

Do you have any funny stories from when you were a kid? You know, silly things you said or did that are just a hoot to remember and to retell now that you are all grown up? 1,136 more words

Character Sheets

Does anyone use character sheets?

I’m running with this mini theme of characters for these past few posts. In addition to just naming our characters, there’s also plenty of other information that’s good to know about them. 260 more words


The Lakes: The Naming of Parts

(With apologies to Henry Reed)

One thing that soon struck me about the area we visited is that some of the place names are confusing. 512 more words

Holidays And Travel

Today's Thought: The Breaking Point

Praying the Names of God: The next time you feel tempted beyond your power to resist, call on the name of El Shadday , asking him to help you bear up under it, confident of his ability to sustain and bless you.

Daily Thoughts

Moniker Help

Going off of yesterday’s post, I thought I’d do a quick list of sites that usually help me out with finding character names. Enjoy!

Nymbler… 192 more words