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Racial perception of a Name: Top 20 'Whitest' and 'Blackest' Names

Thinking of a name for your new born…..think again.

A name holds the power to shaping a child’s self-esteem and identity. A name may even influence how they are seen and treated by others.  236 more words

We Have Decided Not to Burden This Article With A Name

I don’t even know why we have names!

By Blu Donation

In conventional society there are usually two types of names for a person to be referred to as. 640 more words


These 19 Celebrities Real Names Will Shock You!

A bunch of celebrities change their names when they get into the business. Some of them just have hard to pronounce names, and others think they just have a better ring to them. 32 more words


Editing Tip #106 - The Name Game: Keeping Things Clear

Have you noticed how sometimes it’s effortless to read a fellow author’s work and you can’t help but marvel, in those hidden recesses of the mind, at the ease of this feat? 785 more words

M.J. Moores

Kat - #278

Kat – The way books are like people, how some of them come into our lives and we remember forever and others that simply fade away. 60 more words


9 Underused Cat Names (Struggles with Listicles No. 1)

9 Underused Cat Names

  1. Mellifluous

Adorably euphonious (Euphonious: also underused).

  1. Professor T-Bone

Intelligently threatening.

  1. Sir Lady Prince Queen

Hits all the necessary cat-name buttons.

  1. Starfriend Barnstormer…
  2. 118 more words

Imagination: the power that sees

Milk, pearl, pale, flat, middling, sky, queen’s, turkish, watchet, garter, mazareen, deep, and navy.

These are the thirteen shades of indigo, as described by E. Bemis in his 1806… 506 more words