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Called By Name Pt. 3

Okay, so if you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of months you may notice a theme keep popping up: being called by name.   825 more words


Oh, Baby

I’m not in any way ready or in a position to have a child but I 100% love to plan and be prepared. I have hundreds of pinned pins on my… 201 more words


A Vancouver fan win or lose, Zania Sovijarvi-Spape, Starley Rupper, Sarah Menace

I showered and did laundry today.

From Laurie: I am a Vancouver fan, win or lose!

From Not Always Working: Zania Sovijarvi-Spape?!

From Not Always Right: Starley Rupper?! 6 more words


11 Extremely Unfortunate Names

The Lemon has traveled far and wide to find this collection of rare names from around the world. Count yourself lucky Mr. David Chode, you could have been born as one of these! 59 more words


There are NO Theophoric Names Derived from the Tetragrammaton

“Who were the Phoenicians ?” by Dr Nissim Raphael Ganor , and he mentions the following regarding Yahweh/Yehova-derived theophoricnames (page 203-210):

Herewith we will see why it is impossible to accept the conjecture that the names assumed theophoric derive from the name ‘Yehova’ (the Tetragrammaton) and then we will discuss the meaning of the names themselves. 2,507 more words


the year of BIG things.

“If I’m gonna tell a real story,

I’m gonna start with my name.”     -Kendrick Lamar

for the past decade, my name has been the most trivial aspect of my self. 439 more words


Also Known As Pseudonym


There is a small verse in Acts 1 that is most likely skipped over in preparation for the anticipated “acts” pf the apostles, but is nonetheless strikingly odd. 1,383 more words