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Why Not Vote for Her?

by Simon Cropp

If I wanted to take a singular positive message from the film Strong Sisters, I could say I should be proud I come from a state that is so supportive of women’s rights, but then, I wonder, how misogynistic principles still guide principles of so many men, and I don’t mean an outright hatred of women, but instead a subconscious belief that women are inferior. 981 more words


People in my head - Where on earth do they come from?

Lois Elsden continues to explain and explore the inspiration for her novels, and the characters in them:

Where on earth do they come from?

I’m often asked where my characters come from… well, I’m not sure I actually know. 391 more words


Photographer in Lagos

We needed some extra identification photos for work and school and called this guy:

THE NAME GAME, or, A Teacher's Nightmare

As I was cruising social media, also known by some of us old-timers as “Face Place,” I came across a posting by an online news source, rhymes with EwesPink, regarding the mispronunciation of students’ names by teachers. 237 more words


Names, Names, Names

I know I’ve asked this a lot to some of my friends but this is gonna be the last time I swear.

What name should I put for my citizenship application? 28 more words

The names of cats

We were looking at pictures of our cats at home and discussing their names and what they look like. The names of our cats were f.ex.  92 more words