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On the giving of names

Firstly, my apologies for hitting the ‘publish’ button before this post was ready and for any confusion this may have caused.

Today, yet again, social media resounds with vilification of an individual who quite unashamedly killed a fellow sentient individual named Cecil. 871 more words


Newborn babies in Kisumu named "AirForceOne" to honor Obama's visit

Obama’s trip to Kenya had some residents so thrilled they named their new babies after the president.

And at least two babies were named after the president’s airplane. 334 more words

Barack Obama

list #7

11 pretty girl names

  1. evelyn
  2. mia
  3. rowan
  4. arlen
  5. iris
  6. genevieve
  7. camile
  8. winter
  9. dallas
  10. elle
  11. brooklyn

Ruby - #209

Ruby – The will to learn, to improve even when there’s hardly any room given for you to breathe and it seems like the only hands outstretched are not guides but ones that are vengeful and full of hate, shaking fists. 35 more words


I am increasingly becoming more certain that my parents settled on my name, rather than finding one they really liked.

I have been circling around the idea of names for some time now. I have never been particularly fond of my own name, and for some time after my birth I had existed nameless. 519 more words

A Few Words

Some sneaky names

Don’t we all have a pen name of some sort? My own nom de plume “H.A.L” of course is derived from Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer. 702 more words

ALIAS The Tv Show

That's Not My Name

I went to a job interview recently where the man conducting the interview read out names to see who was there. “Anne-Marie Foster,” he said looking around the room. 803 more words