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Top 5 Movie Character Names

I think everyone on Earth has a name. Even if you don’t, someone will probably call you “buddy” or “tiger”. But what about the world of cinema? 382 more words

Buckaroo Banzai

Gender-proof Names - flash fiction

The proud parents of toddler twins, a boy and a girl, couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to see which child picked which “rocking horse.” Without hesitation, Taylor went to the black and white motorcycle shaped one and Devin went to the golden pony. 112 more words


What's In A Name? Various Name-Related Puns In Japanese Cartoons

When I first decided that I was going to start running panels at anime conventions about ten years ago, I kicked around all sorts of ideas of what to talk about. 1,361 more words

Free Talk

G is for Garden Part 1

Good Golly! We’ve made our way to G which makes us about a 3rd of the way through the alphabet! There will be a 2 week break from this series because I’ve planned 2 weeks of shorter lists while I’m on vacation. 422 more words


Similarity of person names

If you want to compare strings using fuzzy logic, you either can use the step “Fuzzy match” or calculate the similarity within the “Calculator” step. 83 more words



I have not found a good source of data on a team’s record in doubleheaders. I’m sure there must be a source out there that will tell you everything you want to know about twin bills, and will tell you when the last time the Twins swept a double header. 415 more words



One of the Cthulu guys. The only pertinent fact I know about him is that you aren’t supposed to call him “Hastur.” It did not even occur to me to look up what it is you’re supposed to call him; I just typed “Hastur” up there in the title and started rolling. 21 more words