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Let's talk about names

People that have known me for over three years will notice I’ve changed my name from Ellen to Ells, it started as simply a nickname but soon developed into my full time name. 508 more words


Answering to Grace's Mom: A Surprising Joy

One afternoon recently, Anna and I headed over to Grace’s elementary school. Parents and other family members can join their kids for lunch, and this had been on my to-do list for, let’s see, the past year. 1,436 more words


Kittens' names and other things

The name for the younger kitten was decided at once: Robin. Because they make a team of a big one and a small one, like Batman and Robin (of course it was a thought of my child who loves comic books). 486 more words

Identification and Tabulation

“The trees had their Latin binomials displayed upon their trunks, just as the drivers of the squat, gaudy, scaraboid motor-cabs (generically allied in my mind to certain equally gaudy automatic machines upon the musical constipation of which the insertion of a small coin used to act as a miraculous laxative) had their stale photographic pictures affixed to their backs; for we lived in the era of Identification and Tabulation; saw the personalities of men and things in terms of names and nicknames and did not believe in the existence of anything that was nameless.”

Vladimir Nabokov, Time and Ebb


Boston TV Dress Coda: Ties Clipped at NECN/NBC10

Well the hardreading staff was perusing the Sunday papers yesterday when we came across a startling sartorial item in the Boston Globe’s Names column, which actually recycled the story so we’ll reference… 266 more words

'A' is for Anna, The Girl Saved By A Stranger

“If only I’d known at the time what his words would do for me, I would have thanked him properly there and then for saving my life in the future.” 2,526 more words

Short Stories

Animal Group Names

Most official names for things are dull. But group names for animals are a hoot. Here are some of my favorites (Source: The Oxford Dictionary… 265 more words