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drunken mornings

drunken mornings

jiji of the suburbs

is a story of people with funny names.

This is a story about Sue, Oedipus and Cleopatra.

And it went like this… 1,849 more words


Rocket's Name(s)

My dear friend Jessica Bakkers did a very sweet post sometime back about her beloved dogs and all of the sweet nicknames she had for them.  289 more words


Esan Names And Meaning (PT 1)

* Agbonkhese- human beings are the unseen forces
contending with fellow humans
* Aburekhan- one followed by a multitude
* Aituajie/Eituajie- it’s not ideal to laugh or make… 682 more words


IO cast: Netflix movie was originally meant to star THESE big names

The film has a very intimate cast and setting; and is set in a version of Earth where the planet is becoming almost completely uninhabitable for humans. 32 more words


What's In a Name?: ONEs

We say “ONEs” rather than any of the titles “the Improver,” “the Reformer,” or “the Perfectionist,” because not everyone resonates with each title. What about you, ONEs? 8 more words


Fav New Words 2018

Thinking Things