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Place Naming: Word List (2b/4)


The following is a list of some words which may come in handy for your naming language. I’m sure some will look at this list and think “how am I going to come up with all of these words? 512 more words


Nevaeh and Legna?! / Dragon fish! / Run, Emperor, or you'll be well-done!

Chinese Eric tried calling me at 11 PM last night, and then emailed me at 9:20 AM to ask if he could come over on Saturday to watch the Canucks play the Leafs at 4. 123 more words

Phone Calls


If your name is:  Adam, Eve, Abel, Abraham, Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, Ezra, Elijah, Daniel, Moses, Jonah, David, Esther, Ruth, Josea, Judah, Judy, Elijah, Elisha, Aaron, Joshua, Samuel, Solomon, Job, Jeremiah, Ezekiel (or for that matter, anything ending with “el”), Gabriel, Michael, Elizabeth, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Paul, Jesus, Stephen, Titus, Simon, Peter, Judas, Zachary, or Christopher, and you ever make the claim that the Bible is just an ancient bronze aged book that has no modern relevance, you are showing ignorance and have an appalling lack of education and self-awareness. 55 more words


the odd parts are over, I hope you got through them allright


my name is not important, by which i meant that i don’t want to say it, not that i am notimportant, author of the replay comic, i am not, i am not a writer or an artist, not of that type any way. 126 more words

What's New: February 2016 Edition

Thank You for stopping by SCDL Tree Talk Tuesdays. Here’s what new to the Genealogy collection at the library.


Romulus "The Salacious" Wisher

Romulus was raised in a well adjusted middle class family. His father worked hard, his mother and siblings all loved one another and everything was generally GOOD. 850 more words