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Today's Thought: Never ends

Praying the Names of God: He is the God whose love endures forever.

Daily Thoughts

A professor by any other name

I decided that after my previous teaching experiences, creating a sense of distance between myself and my students was prudent.  I never understood this from the student perspective (likely because most of my teachers tended to the formal side so it was seldom an issue), but as a professor, I definitely see an advantage.   478 more words


Every thing is different.

Here names—even proper names and especially synonyms—perform an elementary violation.

A Rose by Any Other Name...

What’s the saying? A rose by any other name doesn’t smell half as sweet?

  Something along those lines anyway.

  But it’s got me thinking about names, specifically my own. 297 more words


All satanists want to have fancy hipster names (we get it, you need validation)

What are you, a fucking Lord of the Ring’s character? Are you going to start calling yourself Sauron the Black? Are you going to wear a floor-length cloak full time and sport a Lucius Malfoy coif and a shiny snake cane? 216 more words


Today's Thought: Important Alphabet Letters

Praying the Names of God: When you pray to the Everlasting God, you are praying to the God whose Son is called the Alpha and the Omega

Daily Thoughts

I Am Not

I am not a number

even if I am made up of

ratios, degrees, angles and circumferences

we give names to ourselves

to distinguish one from another… 31 more words