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Today, one wondrous and engaging woman and dedicated listener brimming with inquisitive and insightful questions. But one in particular caught my ear and rattled my brain:

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39 weeks + 1 day, #2

I don’t see any impending signs of Tadbit making an appearance in the next few days. Sure, I’m more achy than previously, but what do you expect… 992 more words


The Last Loose Threads

I finally got my birth certificate amended. I’d been putting off dealing with it and finally sent in the papers a couple weeks ago. It arrived in the mail, shiny and official. 346 more words

Enya - #86

Enya - Things that seem less real the more you look and listen to them. As if the very being that they posses is a mirage that you expect to melt away the instance you take a step towards it. 26 more words


The zoo of the imagination!

Hi there, this week has been stressful due to the things going on in our live,my mother in law is dying of cancer,my wife is pregnant,and I look after a lively three-year old. 263 more words


The Trouble With Names

As a writer one of the hardest things to do is come up with names for characters or for places if you’re creating a new world. 277 more words