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The Red Ginseng Country

‘My dream came true!!!‘.

That’s the first thing I’m going to post on my social media account if I ever landed at Incheon International Airport, South Korea. 1,235 more words

Autumn Fairytale: Namiseom

If there is one thing I like about Korea much more than in the Canary Islands, that’s the seasons. For the good and for the bad, having 4 distinct seasons brings you the advantage of enjoying very different and beautiful scenes every year.  1,224 more words

Cute Places To Go


Наконец-то мне довелось побывать на этом удивительном острове, о котором так много рассказано в туристических брошюрах о Корее.

Остров расположен в провинции Чунчон, что примерно занимает от часа до полутора в зависимости от трафика. 11 more words



I finally managed to leave Seoul today: went to Namisum (Nami Island) with a friend. 526 more words


Venturing into Naminara

So, I woke up kinda late to get ready for the shuttle. Which is fine cause I did figure I would take the train. Anyway, today I spent time checking out Namiseom. 328 more words

Seoul: Gapyeong County

When I was in Seoul I was thrilled to visit my old friend and colleague Giyeong, who I haven’t seen since he and his family relocated back to Korea some four years ago. 512 more words


Bike Around A Foreign City: CHECK!

If you could travel the world using only one mode of transportation, what would it be?

A ferrari? A fighting jet? A hot air balloon? A yacht? 66 more words