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I left my Heart in Namiseom Island

Nami Island is an enchanting destination which should be on top the list of must places to visit when you are in Seoul.Located more than 60 km away from Seoul. 948 more words



接著再出發住南怡島! 團費包了入島的渡輪, 船開了5分鐘左右便到對岸. 但島上其實無咩櫻花, 主要是看當年拍「冬日戀歌」的場景… anyway, 可看看. 自由活動時間有1小時.

我們叫這島為「南怡島」, 但導遊說official是叫「南怡共和國」。為何叫「共和國」呢? 真不明了. 又沒人在島上住(我指原居民)! Anyway, 看看這排「招牌」樹先! 我想秋天或冬天來會有感覺多D.

島上有鴕鳥呀~ 但有點臭… ><

島上的唯一銀行/旅遊中心/money exchange/郵局. 集多功能於一身!

寄了一張post card給自己… 未知要等多久才收到呢? (島上行了幾間手信點, 全部post card都是卡通, 為何沒一張是實景呢???)


行了半小時, 只看見幾棵櫻花… my god… 根本沒有其他櫻花樹… 旅行社單張又呃人了… 什麼「賞櫻勝地」? 根本只有這幾棵…

臨別前, 去了洗手間. 真的忍不了, 拍了張照. 為何? 因為每一格入面, 都放了書! 誰會在公廁及在內看書呢??

離開島後, 便到對面馬路的店食午餐 : 春川炒雞

春川是這區的名稱, 而團餐的芝士炒辣雞變了普通炒雞(可能怕我們團友多不吃辣吧?)

春川炒雞只有菜&雞… 有點單調… 亦沒什麼特色… 好普通…

遊歷 - 亞洲

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Nami Island is my dream destination in Korea. It is the setting of the Endless Love – “Winter Sonata”. It’s a little bit far from my place in Seoul that’s why I had to wait for a holiday to schedule my visit there. 432 more words

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Nami Island, also known as Nami sam or Naminara, is a nature park located about two hours northeast of Seoul. It became a major tourist attraction after being featured in numerous dramas, including the outrageously popular “Winter Sonata”. 220 more words

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‘My dream came true!!!‘.

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