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Choosing a baby name.

Choosing a babies name is such a big responsibility. There is so much to think about, classic or trendy? Celebrity or unique? So much pressure! You have to think long and hard because (unless they change it) they will be stuck with this name for all of their life! 217 more words


How's This For A Name?

Deciding what to name a child can be challenging. I’ve passed the stage of needing to think about naming babies. Instead, I’m faced with what to name a character in a book, and that too can prove challenging. 261 more words


What's in a Name?

Whether you’re a Tom or an Angus, a Jenny or a Bellamy, your name is a unique and personal element of who you are! Just as your parents named you after grandpa or their favorite state, you put thought and care into naming your child. 133 more words

So I am on the hunt for the perfect baby girl name for baby number 3. I told my partner that this time I AM NAMING baby and no one else. 211 more words

Baby name trends! 

Naming our baby was a much harder task then either of us expected. My husband likes names slightly more conservative and myself, a little out there. 229 more words