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Blow Out (1981)

A silent killer stalks a house of female coeds. He leers at them from the windows, breaks in, corners a young woman in the shower. As he raises his knife, she lets out a half-assed, laughable scream. 470 more words


Robocop (1987) Review

They don’t make movies like Robocop anymore.¬†They tried and failed to capture the classic, original magic of the 1987 film and after watching the debut of Robocop, you can see why. 578 more words


More Man Than Machine (Robocop, 1987)

Usually, to refer to a movie as a comic book movie is to suggest it was based on a specific comic book. There was not a Robocop comic when the film came out (although, Marvel quickly adapted it into an ongoing series). 916 more words

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June 24th in history:

On June 24th, 1497, English explorer John Cabot became the first European to reach Newfoundland since the Vikings.

An artist with an unusual visual style… 77 more words

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Shaun vs. Terror in the Aisles (1984)

Directed by Andrew Kuehn

Starring Donald Pleasance, Nancy Allen and a cast of thousands!

Released October 26, 1984

Rated R

Donald Pleasance (Halloween) and Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill) play two of the worst theatre patrons ever as they narrate a documentary about scary films while showing clips and scenes from classic monster movies of the 30s up to the nasty slashers of the early 80s while covering topics such as how sex gets you killed in these movies and how do they do those darn effects? 739 more words


Dressed to Kill

 Dressed to Kill is a fun throwback to Psycho by Brian De Palma. De Palma might be primarily concerned with homaging Hitchcock here, but it pays off in a big way. 776 more words