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Nancy Drew Clue Book #8 World Record Mystery

Here are the details on the 8th book in the Nancy Drew Clue Book series ~

Title: World Record Mystery
Illustrated by: Peter Francis
Release Date: 17th Oct, 2017… 258 more words

Edward Stratemeyer

Nancy Drew #6 Secret Of The Scarlet Hand Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #6 The Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Nancy is taking some time off (yeah, right) from case solving to be the deputy curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington D.C. 4,811 more words


Favorite Literary Couples

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for couples and candy consumption. I’ve never been so big on the holiday, but I enjoy cookies, so I’m always down for some sugar. 423 more words


Nancy Drew #5 The Final Scene Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #5 The Final Scene, you are visiting your friend, Maya, in St. Louis She is a journalist for her college newspaper. A play called Vanishing Destiny is running at a local theater called The Royal Palladium, which is set to be demolished in 3 days. 4,843 more words


Nancy Drew #4 Treasure In The Royal Tower Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #4 Treasure In The Royal Tower, you are staying at the Wickford Castle Ski Resort. Just after you arrive, a snow storm hits and everyone staying at the castle is snowed in. 3,413 more words


Nancy Drew #3 Message In A Haunted Mansion Walkthrough

In Nancy Drew #3 Message In A Haunted Mansion, you are in San Francisco helping out Rose, a friend of Hannah’s who has bought a Victorian mansion and is fixing it up to open as a bed and breakfast. 3,088 more words


7 Things you Need to Accept to Enjoy the Nancy Drew Series

I promise, this will be one of the last Nancy Drew articles I write…maybe. Ok, it’s not likely. I like the games and there’s lots of them to talk about. 1,221 more words