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The Chubby Sleuth Is on the Case!

Welcome to my blog!

Since this is my maiden entry, I thought it proper for me to give you a brief history of how I developed an interest in detective fiction, the trail of clues, if you will, that led me to┬áthe “scene of the crime.” 657 more words

Agatha Christie

Hiatus, & a change of pace

I read this article once about making your blog interesting to readers. It told me that I’m not to say things like it’s been a long time since I posted… 536 more words


Gloomy Tuesday

Can it be a little warmer please? I’d rather not have my heat on in May! I woke up chilled and put on a sweatshirt before starting my yoga. 617 more words


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A few fun quotes:

“Nancy went back to Mr. March’s room. Beautiful music was coming from the radio. It was a trumpet solo of a haunting tune with orchestral accompaniment. 214 more words


Aging Your Characters

As my Bell Mountain books go on, I find myself forced to acknowledge the fact that my characters are getting older. It just snuck up on me. 507 more words

Book Reviews

Supergirl, "for girls", and HerInteractive

I don’t think I’m the only one who watched the new Supergirl trailer this week. If you haven’t watched it yet, I posted it below. Go ahead and watch it… I’ll wait… 682 more words

Game Reviews

M is for Mystery

The song by the Beatles, “Magical Mystery Tour” are you ready to go on one?

I know, another double letter score. But I won’t claim that one due to the fact that it is not in the title of the blog entry today. 320 more words