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"Keep Me in Mind" by Nancy Holder Review

Keep Me in Mind

Author: Nancy Holder

Release Date: April 2005

What makes a good Choose Your Own Adventure Buffy book? Well, the things that make a good Buffy book are characters that act true to the tv series, and a story that feel like it has something at risk for the reader and does not contradict what we know on the show. 830 more words


"How I Survived My Summer Vacation" by Various Authors Review

How I Survived My Summer Vacation

Author: Nancy Holder, Paul Ruditis, MIchelle Sagara West, Cameron Dokey, Yvonne Navarro

Release Date: August 2000

This is a short story collection about the summer in between seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy. 386 more words


"Halloween Rain" by Christopher Golden Review

Halloween Rain

Author: Christopher Golden

Release Date: November 1997

The second Buffy book published misses the mark quite often on the characterizations of the cast as well as makes some plot inaccuracies that stand out if you’re a diehard fan. 212 more words

2 Barrels

Book Review: Crimson Peak by: Nancy Holder

The mad head of the house was rotting, and night was dragging her wings across the moon, tracing filigree on the floors. In the attic, more black moths were dancing because it was cold, because it was dark.

578 more words
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TIE IN TUESDAY: DOUBLE FEATURE Star Trek 1 & The Angel Chronicles

Da da daah! Tie In Tuesday is back!

I’ve been a little less than active on the blogging front lately, but super active active on the reading front, so I’ve built up a small backlog of tie ins for review. 801 more words

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REVIEW - The X-Files: Secret Agendas - 'A Scandal in Moreauvia, or The Adventure of the Empty Heart'

Tony Black looks at the ninth story in The X-Files: Secret Agendas anthology, ‘A Scandal in Moreauvia, or The Adventure of the Empty Heart’…

Written by Nancy Holder… 506 more words

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TIE-IN TUESDAY: Halloween Rain by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder

I have a confession to make: one of my absolute favourite genres is the tie-in novel. Essentially published fanfiction, I love these books because they tend to be quick, easy reads that allow me to spend time with characters I already love in the fictional universes I enjoy. 710 more words

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