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The many meanings of seduction: The talks in Session 3 of TEDWomen 2015

Seduction happens in many forms. The speakers in this session highlight unexpected twists on the topic — a romance of dueling banjos, the allure of insects, and our ever-widening definition of love.  1,084 more words

Live From TEDWomen

One of Fortune Magazine's 'Top 50 Greatest Leaders' speaks in Winston-Salem

WINSTON SALEM, N.C. — One of Fortune Magazine’s “Top 50 Greatest Leaders” was in town Wednesday talking about leadership and how to turn your ideas into reality. 200 more words

Good For Her!

Crisis Text Line has counseled teens through nearly 2 million problems. Here’s how this idea got its start.

Teenagers love to text—their thumbs pound out an average of 3,339 texts per month. Crisis Text Line turns this into a way to help teens through their hardest times: family issues, stress or suicidal thoughts. 1,568 more words

TED Talks

Does Funder Risk Aversion Stifle Innovation?

by Lukas Haynes, Vice President, Mertz Gilmore Foundation and
Nancy Lublin, CEO, DoSomething.org

Lukas Haynes: A few weeks ago, I had a fun conversation with… 1,334 more words

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Consumer Insights on Doing More With Your Brand

In Nancy Lublin’s new book “Zilch,” she suggests asking the following questions to make your brand strong, better and more authentic to customers.

Here you go: 361 more words

Consumer Insights

X marks the spot: TEDxYouth@Hamra launch creativity

Well it was July 29th, 2 PM to be exact and there I was. So were a bunch of people gathering in the small cozy Babel Theater, in Hamra. 649 more words


Slacktivists Unite!

Here’s what Wikipedia says about slacktivism:

Slacktivism (sometimes slactivism or slackervism) is a term formed out of the words slacker and activism. The word is usually considered a pejorative term that describes “feel-good” measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction. 452 more words