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Trump says he’s transparent.

If transparent means openly corrupt, then yes.

If transparent means clearly insane, then yes.

10,000 bleats and tweets from AOC won’t do to Trump what Pelosi did today. 68 more words


Trump Meets With Dems - It Doesn't End Well [WATCH]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The curtains in the Cabinet Room were drawn. The Democrats were waiting. And President Donald Trump came and went in three minutes, never stopping to sit down or shake hands. 710 more words

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Trump Walks Out on Pelosi (D) and Schumer (D) After 3 Minutes

Mr. Schumer said Mr. Trump’s eruption was hardly spontaneous, noting the preprinted sign on the lectern he used afterward to speak with reporters. Instead, he suggested the president staged it because he had not come up with a way to pay for such an enormous spending package.

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And he walked out!

I told my wife I needed another carafe of coffee this morning while we were both doing the bills. She told me to go ahead and make it if I wanted more. 635 more words

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All engines – full stop.

Did Dems just go a step too far?

As you may have heard, less than an hour before a previously scheduled meeting between President Trump and Democrat leaders to discuss infrastructure, Nancy Pelosi popped off that the President is engaged in a cover-up. 285 more words