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Democrats Fume Over Whistleblower Allegation on Trump's Interactions With Ukraine Leader

A whistleblower’s complaint over President Donald Trump’s interactions with a foreign leader is testing the political and practical power Democrats can use against a Republican in the White House who so brazenly ignores protocol and presidential norms. 1,086 more words



On a serious note, Leninists historically tend to be anti-sex, anti-pleasure.

The Impeachniki are funny in their growing hysteria. Pelosi is smarter than all of them. 109 more words


It's Real Easy To Email Nancy

How about letting her know how you feel about impeachment? It’s so easy to send her an email. Simply click here.


Pelosi Unloads On Nadler; Tells Him To Drop 'Moby Dick'-Like Impeachment Obsession

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler last week over his ‘Moby Dick’-like obsession with impeaching President Trump – days before Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski  113 more words



Pelosi Rolls Out Bill To Negotiate Prescription Drug Prices – https://www.npr.org/2019/09/19/761954160/speaker-nancy-pelosi-to-unveil-plan-to-negotiate-prices-of-250-prescription-drug


Congress will do nothing, DOJ will do nothing, Supreme Court will do nothing and the 2020 election is up for sale!

More Trudeau Pictures Surface - Prime Minister Says Can't Recall Number of Times He Wore Blackface...

As more pictures of Justin from Canada begin to surface; and with at least three instances currently known by media; the Canadian prime minister said today he cannot remember how many times he wore… 45 more words

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Unveils Ambitious Plan to Lower Drug Prices

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, trying to seize the agenda on a top consumer issue, announced an ambitious prescription drug plan Thursday that would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for seniors and younger people. 755 more words

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