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Author: Saihmingliana Sailo

Nanjing, Jiagsu province, China-a nu pakhat Li tia hriat lar chuan a fa lak, mipa naupang kum 9 mi chu homework a tih zawh loh vang leh dawt a hrilh nia a sawi avangin hruihrualin a hlap hrep a, a fapa thlalak hi internet lamah thehdarh a nih hnuah prosecutor-ten he nu hi an man a, a chungchang thu ngaihtuah a nih hnuah thla 6 chhung tang tura tih a ni ta a ni. 111 more words

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My Classes in Nanjing

好久不见! (Long time no see)

I can’t believe I’ve been in China for 3 months already, or that I’m attending classes in 100% Chinese and I’m able to (semi) follow what’s going on. 364 more words


Our 3 week China tour - Nanjing Edition

We left the cool temperatures of Beijing for the warmer climate of Nanjing. Nanjing is a city steeped in history as it served as the capital for six dynasties, the 19th century Taping Heavenly Kingdom as well as the first Chinese Republic under Dr. 278 more words


Dinner - Kiwi Style

There is a family here that we have adopted as our own and who have adopted us.  They have been so good to us – nothing is too much trouble and they go out of their way to include us in there family time and special occasions.   748 more words


Our New "Norm"

Our life has taken on a resemblance of “normal” as we come to the end of our third year in China. And it’s still so unbelievably different to  what “normal” is at home.  1,056 more words


Nanjing incredible Youth Olympic Games

          You Can’t imagine how it’s amazing to be part of the Olympic Games. I attended the last Youth Olympic Games which held in Nanjing, China in august 2014. 300 more words


Unseen Nanjing: The hidden side of China's ancient capital

NANJING, China (CNN) — Nanjing has always been a destination for history buffs.

From the magnificent medieval battlements of the city’s ancient wall to the impressive final resting place of modern China’s founding father Sun Yat-sen, Nanjing is packed with some of the country’s most famous landmarks. 717 more words