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I Of The Storm is another Monster tune

Of Monsters And Men have done it again, with a beautiful new track from their upcoming album released this week. I Of The Storm is a rolling, melancholy ballad which will tug your heart-strings hard. 214 more words


Imagine Dragons VS Of Monsters and Men

“Time For Our Little Talks”, here is a new song made by a mix between two popular songs from the bands Imagine Dragons and Of Monsters And Men. 51 more words


Beautiful People: Two

An absolute treasure and darling for us both (not to mention fashion icon!): Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, lead vocalist and guitarist of band Of Monsters and Men.

norse code

Imagine … every breath you take, every move you make being stalked by song?

My old mum experienced a spell of auditory hallucinations when she’d hear anything from triumphal choruses of Ave Maria to George Formby. 498 more words

Of Monsters and Men: The meaning of a band and the Aragon Ballroom concert experience

A few days ago my dad asked me which song defined my past year at school.

“It’s okay if you say you don’t have one,” he said. 1,232 more words


King and Lionheart

I have intended to do this post for quite some time. Similar to the Grizzly Bear group, I discovered this group listening to The Q on CBC radio. 99 more words