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How to keep a nanny

I have been employing nannies for the last four years and the first two years were the most tumultuous. By the second year, I had stopped counting the number of women who walked into my home to help me take care of my children. 1,282 more words

Your Cash Can't Wash

I need HELP in my household.

I grew up with relatives helping out around the house. My mother was a working mom. We have nannies, a laundrywoman and a sometimes a cook. 680 more words


Employment opportunities in Lagos: Domestic staff, nannies, drivers, cleaners wanted

Our company, Delivery Day Nigeria Limited (www.deliverydayng.com ) is a frontline provider of housekeeping and chauffeuring (driving) services in Nigeria, with its headquarters in Lagos. We are excited about hiring talented individuals who are interested in having a regular flow of income and are currently working or have worked as domestic staff (‘househelp’/’housemaids’ as they are locally called), nannies, cleaners and drivers within Lagos. 105 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration - Family Past

We adopted five of our daughters from the People’s Republic of China. Five times between June 2000 and January 2007 we were in China for almost two weeks each visit to adopt, to get acquainted and attached to our new daughter, to do paperwork both for China and the U.S. 139 more words


Welcome to the jungle a.k.a. daycare

If you told me a year ago that I would be running around a French preschool on the Upper East Side, manhandling a 2-year-old, while not being able to speak English – I would have said you were bat-shit crazy. 453 more words


Top Tips | Interviewing

At the end of last summer I was back in the interview process after three years and I had forgotten what a time consuming and emotionally draining process this is! 583 more words

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