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Care.com Bans Members Without Investigating Complaints Against Them First

We live in a world where consumers not only expect instant gratification from the online products and services they pay for, but also instant justice when they believe they’ve been wronged. 1,333 more words

Wealthy Indian mothers can afford 24/7 childcare, but we pay extra in guilt

The warnings began as soon as I announced my pregnancy on Facebook.

Within a few days of my post, my usually unremarkable inbox became a flashpoint of dire advisories. 1,790 more words

Facebook: Protecting children's right to privacy

This post is more directed to teachers, caregivers, nannies, and anyone who works directly with children. I think that this post will also give parents somethings to think about. 357 more words


Slouching from adolescence to social security without ever touching maturity

Adulthood is the time when humans are supposed to display the virtues and contribute to the welfare of society and their families and fellow citizens. 72 more words


Mom Rant

Pardon my French, but things around here might accurately be described as a Shitstorm of late.  Look, I’m not complaining.  I mean, privately, sure, but that’s not what this is.   674 more words


Inside the 中国小花 China Little Flower Orphanage, Beijing

In Beijing we are staying with Wei and Karin.  Wei, a pediatric surgeon, planned to visit an orphanage and I was keen to accompany him.  The book I am writing, currently called Not Forgotten, is the life story of a woman who was in an orphanage in Australia from 2-10 years old, so I have developed an interest in orphanages and how they operate. 786 more words



I will remember the moment Panda and I became best friends for the rest of my life.

“I’m gonna wake up Gymbo!” the singsongy Gymboree teacher taunted. 986 more words