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Here's Your Newest Read!

It’s been a frantic year, but here’s my fifth collection of short stories! During NaNo yet! It’s a challenge to carve any time out of the mad NaNo rush, but here it is. 118 more words


Sleeping with the Nanny

Another headline blares the news that a celebrity couple is divorcing because the husband slept with the nanny.

What does Spiritual Presence have to say about this situation? 234 more words

Energy Guidance Complete

The Conversation - 5th Edition (Part 2)

Excerpt from a Facebook post in connection with the upcoming The Conversation – 5th Edition:

A 5 year old child was sexually molested by a security guard in school. 529 more words



There’s a conference coming up in Lagos (Nigeria) this Sunday that I think every parent and guardian should attend.

I am constantly baffled by parents who seem to be clueless about dangers out there for their children or those who just say “it’s God that watches us and will prevent bad things from happening to my children”. 251 more words


Tips for Choosing the Right Infant Care (IFC)

Do you notice that I choose to use the word RIGHT instead of PERFECT. Being a realist, I do not believe there’s such a thing as a perfect infant care(IFC). 639 more words


Infant Care vs Nanny

I’m a full-time working mother (ftwm for short). When RZ was born in 2013, I had to source for a caregiver to look after him in the day. 1,763 more words


Do grandparents really want to help with babysitting?

There is a new trend sweeping across the globe. Actually it is not so new as it seems to be something that has been happening over the last 5 years or so. 1,023 more words