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You won't need a meal plan in the nanny state

You know what I find ironic? And not Alanis ironic, which is really just crap luck, but genuinely ironic. How vehemently opposed to government “interference” in their lives many people are and how many people ask me to give them meal plans. 270 more words

It's Not Getting Any Less Ridiculous Out There

Our media is really bad, our gov’t is ridiculous and we’re stuck having to either pretend it’s not that ridiculous or freaking out over how ridiculous it is. 1,179 more words

Notes On The Revolution

NANNY STATE ALERT: Honolulu city council votes to ban cellphones for pedestrians crossing streets 

The Honolulu city council this week voted 7-2 to fine residents caught texting or using their mobile devices while crossing the street.

The legislation, which now heads to Mayor Kirk Caldwell for approval or veto, was conceived by a group of high school students, lawmakers said. 125 more words


Senator Charles Schumer Wants to Control 'snortable chocolate'

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY):

“This suspect product has no clear health value,” he said in a statement. “I can’t think of a single parent who thinks it is a good idea for their children to be snorting over-the-counter stimulants up their noses.”

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Silent majority, mad as hell – Brendan O'Neil speaks out for us hated 'ordinaries'

Just a day after Christopher Snowdon’s reflections on a decade of the smoking ban, Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill has had his say on it, also in the Spectator… 260 more words

Article V

Folks, today is my favorite holiday. There are many reasons for it being my favorite, not the least of which is without it, the other ones would not exist the way they do. 315 more words

In Canada, the do-gooders want to warn you of the dangers of skimmed milk!

If voters get the governments they deserve, then we worry for America’s northern neighbours. They seem such a nice, polite nation. What did they do to merit the bunch of busybodies that now want to meddle with their groceries? 287 more words