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Transgender laws may usurp the right to privacy

original article: Transgender bathroom laws have contributed to ‘voyeurism epidemic,’ says researcher
February 15, 2017 by Steve Weatherbe

A Canadian pastor who has researched 140 incidents of voyeurism in unisex and transgender-friendly spaces, says it is clear that transgender bathroom policies have contributed to the problem. 846 more words


You Will Pry My Kerrygold from My Cold, Dead Hands

For those of you who don’t know, I eat a ketogenic diet. It’s not some diet fad, but a way of eating I’ve been strictly following for months. 614 more words


Working Stiffs Pre-Odor...Uh, Order

Now available for pre-order from Amazon, Working Stiffs. Here’s a look…

Chapter Three: I Can Quit Anytime I Want.


Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. Where was the fucking coffee?

190 more words
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Syrian sandniggers making $43,000 a month

Although the average Canadian makes $27,600 a year Syrian rapefugees get a free yearly salary of $43,000 a month. Now some lefties are saying it’s a loan and after the initial startup loan of $3600 or so they get $1400/monthly. 92 more words

California Professor Darrell Y. Hamamoto Warns Of Leftist Plan To Destroy Humanity | Alex Jones - Infowars

Liberal plan to destroy freedom of speech exposed.

Alex Jones talks with University of California about the UC Berkeley riots and how it’s all part of the leftist plan to destroy your freedom of speech. 21 more words

Social Engineering

Maxine Waters Is Pretty Sure That Vladimir Putin Invaded North Korea | Jenni Fink - Independent Journal Review

“What isn’t our government telling us?”

Pelosi Thinks “BUSH” Is President?
Waters Thinks “Putin invaded Korea?
Warren kicked off Senate floor
All Happened in The Same Day… 23 more words