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Parents Now Being Thrown In Jail In America For Homeschooling Their Children

By J. D. Heyes – Natural News

(NaturalNews) America the police state has become a labyrinth of rules, regulations and mandates, the amount of which is impossible to know, let alone comply with. 133 more words

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Dead End Drive-In (1986)

We have this image of Australians as a race of rugged he-men individualists, rushing off to wrestle crocodiles in their up-armored post-apocalyptic Subaru Outbacks.

The reality, of course, is that Australia is one of the most aggressively bureaucratic, nanny-states in the world. 241 more words

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Bay of Fires / Swimcart Beach

After Freycenet we continued up the east coast towards St Helens and set up camp at a great free camp spot called Swimcart Beach.

This was to be our last stop in Tasmania before heading back to the main land and eventually real life and adult responsibility. 265 more words

Facebook announces stricter policy on firearms sales

Hayley Tsukayama The Washington Post

It just became much harder to buy a gun through Facebook.

Although Facebook itself doesn’t sell guns, it has wrestled for years with the right way to handle sales of regulated goods such as firearms, adult toys and prescription drugs on its social-media network. 455 more words

Saturday, 30th January 2016

On ID’ing: the idea is that you shouldn’t be able to buy booze until you’re eighteen regardless of how you look. But what’s wrong with a seventeen-year-old who’s developed enough to look twenty-two being served and a seventeen-year-old who looks seventeen being turned away? 25 more words


Digital Currency: The Key Tool of 21st Century Monolithic Nanny State Tyranny

Source: Survival Blog

There has been talk of doing away with paper currency for several decades, but up until now that has mostly been idle conjecture and mostly bluster. 1,987 more words

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