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Who Needs You?


I’m a fool, for I believed your lies
But now I’ve seen through your disguise
Who needs, well I don’t need, who needs you?

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Notes On The Revolution

Don't tell me who to vote for

Dont tell me who to vote for.

This will be my only political based rant (for this year).

Don’t tell me who to vote for. Telling me who to vote for, tells me you have no faith in my ability to decide for myself. 144 more words

Educational Thoughts

Does Free Speech Exist In America Anymore?

Does free speech really exist in America anymore? You be the judge…

New Media

If only Australia would buy into Jamie Oliver’s bullshit. Then we could be rid of him

Cast your mind back to feverish June, when for a few days it seemed possible our next Prime Minister might be that bounder Boris. For all his brio, it wasn’t exactly a comforting prospect. 537 more words

Personal Policy

Which party’s deities appeal to you?  Your soul’s final destination depends on the proper answer, so think carefully.  It doesn’t matter if they’re all jerks.  Like women last decade engaging in the regrettable habit of deciding which awful Sex and the City character embodied their personalities, you have to align yourself with a gross choice.   756 more words

Is it right to take more than 50-60% in tax? Feminists said yes.

This feminist above is called Dawn Foster. She is a journalist from The Guardian. During the TV programme The Big Questions she defended taxes rise above 50%. 589 more words