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Cowardice also has a fee

I will not heap additional ignominy on the deputy who zealously guarded a door outside the building while hearing the shooting, scream, wails of pain of those he was charged to protect; by sharing his name. 134 more words

Nanny State

Liberty has a cost

Liberty is not free.

Our Founding Fathers routinely spoke about the cost of Tyranny and the cost of Liberty.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” 423 more words


Reasons we don't want to see or address

Reasons for shooters (and many other societal ills)


Active destruction of the nuclear family


Active destruction of the spiritual / religious connection of the people… 151 more words


Kill the Bills

Lawmakers need to validate their existence. They often use their positions to inject their own personal views, agendas, and values into the process rather than *serving* their constituents and protecting their rights. 228 more words


Don't ask about the law, but about its enforcement

In the fight for the ideas of individual liberty and limited government, we often, and rightfully, argue about legislation. But while we go back and forth on the initiation or the repeal of laws and the regulations that surround them, we tend to forget to think about their enforcement. 729 more words


We are drunk on anti-alcohol policy

Policies intended to crack down on alcohol usage have aggressively multiplied over the past decade. Public-health lobbyists continuously tell us we are simply not doing enough to reduce drinking across the board. 689 more words


Lack of Consequences

In a conversation on the FB, a friend suggested Grand Theft Auto and similar games were partially to blame for the Florida shooter. As such they should be banned. 156 more words