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Where Unchecked Property Maintenance And Party Ordinances End Up

By Elisha Dorfsmith

A few days ago someone on facebook attacked the posts here on my blog saying I spend too much time complaining about things that are not really important and will only impact a small number of people. 83 more words

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Flagstaff Considers Endorsing Carbon Tax

By Elisha Dorfsmith

Representatives from the Citizens Climate Lobby recently gave a presentation to the Flagstaff Sustainability Commission about their local resolution supporting a National carbon tax. 74 more words

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Craft beers grabbed by Obamacare's long reach

The impact of Obamacare is so vast it has restaurants wondering if they may be forced to stop selling locally made “craft beers” and other alcoholic beverages made by small entrepreneurs.

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Cops Can Give Parents in Wisconsin Town Tickets When Their Kids Are Caught Bullying | Melissa Dykes - The Daily Sheeple


Before we get into it, just know I have mixed feelings on this…

A new ordinance in Plover, Wisconsin allows police to ticket parents of children who bully other kids, making the parents financially responsible for their children’s behavior. 492 more words

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How Bad Are American Universities? | Fred Reed - LewRockwell

On Campus at U.PE: The University of Practically Everywhere

By Fred Reed

November 21, 2015

In the fall of the year, as leaves turned red and gold on the campus of U.PE, an aging professor stood on the podium to give the welcoming address to the new class of freshmen. 1,098 more words


What leads to the local adoption and implementation of recreational marijuana policies? -- ScienceDaily

When states move to legalize marijuana, local governments are faced with enacting — or in some cases restricting — the policy change in their jurisdictions. Using Colorado as a case study, a new study finds that public opinion, tax revenues and existing medical marijuana policies affect local governments’ decisions to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. 14 more words


Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Paris attack 'chilling reminder' that U.S. needs stricter gun laws | Washington Free Beacon - YouTube


Clark Magnuson 1 day ago

Strict gun laws in Paris are what caused the magnitude of the killings. Rather than shoot back, the best victim strategy was to play dead under other bodies. 12 more words

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