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The USDA's dietary recommendations have a changed a lot over the years

The USDA's dietary recommendations have a changed a lot over the years… Are governments institutionally incapable of giving accurate nutrition advice? Join the discussion TODAY at 4 pm EST & tweet your questions with…

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Health Economics

'Simply because the nanny-state wants to hug you doesn't mean it's not tyrannical if you don't want to be hugged.' Jonah Goldberg

Australia has always been known as a relaxed, laid back sort of place.  A country that praises character, individuality and celebrates the weird and the wonderful.  834 more words

The sin of smuggling and corruption in the Sin tax law

* This is my article in BusinessWorld last October 23, 2017.

The intent or purpose of higher taxation is to further penalize an act, work, or consumption, hoping to discourage them by making their prices higher while giving government and lobbyists more freebies and more money. 645 more words

Comedian Andy Dick Fired From Movie Set Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

Andy Dick is the latest man in Hollywood to be accused of sexual harassment and misconduct.

The “Comedy Central Roasts” alum will no longer work on the independent feature film “Raising Buchanan”, according to  329 more words


Three million Americans carry loaded handguns daily, study finds: Most are male, and cite protection as primary reason; 'significant' public health implications, researchers say -- ScienceDaily

An estimated 3 million adult American handgun owners carry a firearm loaded and on their person on a daily basis, and 9 million do so on a monthly basis, new research indicates. 89 more words


Capital, capital

SAN FRANCISCO, Thursday, 12 October 2017.

Tomorrow it begins. I shall be crossing San Francisco’s other bridge to Oakland and board the California Zephyr for a 5000km pilgrimage towards a junction with the 2017 convention of The Wodehouse Society in Washington DC. 1,676 more words

P.G. Wodehouse

Stupidity within the system (the English education system, to be precise).

I am annoyed at the English school system right now. I love my son’s school, truly I do. I love everything about it, it’s exactly the school we wanted for our kids but I resent that I am being penalised for taking him out of school for one day because we get back from a cultural trip to Athens one day in to the new half term. 446 more words